Spatial Spectrum
Intro to the Spectrum of Spatiality

There are millions of light-years of vast space between my ears -- on a subatomic level, that is. Exploring the vast regions of inner space of my mind and its strange creativity has been an exciting adventure. So in this collection, I'm sharing that bizarre imaginative side of myself, which is quite often stark raving insane. So please fail to be bored out of your wits over these demented pearls of questionable wisdom.

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The Outer Edge of Reality

The spacious spacelessness of my inner mind
Reflects the outer edge of reality
That my inquiring soul has fallen into
In search of answers without questions
Yearning for questions without answers;
When the sun rises in my eye
And blood seeps out of my heart
I feel what my heart thinks
As my mind cracks and loses all logic
Becoming free from the inner core of illusion;
Reality’s edge slams into my brain
And knocks it into next century;
Now I awaken into a new dimension
Entertaining new questions regarding the nature of reality
As I discovers new levels of depths I’ve not tapped yet, till now
And it continues neverending ...

Each question seeking answers only leads to new questions without answers;
Will we ever see the answers?
Will the levels ever unfold?
Will there ever be a finality?
Will it ever end?
Or is the point to disconnect from some abstract destination
Whereby we can freely enjoy the beauty of the journey everlasting?
Is that the point of infinity
Since we’ve got eternity to explore further?

SS Div

Questioning ...

We'll it ever end?
Will the beginning start again?
W ill existence fold inward
And blink out of itself?
Or will my consciousness continue?
Will my mind become expanding ripples of foreverness
That the plunging stone caused?
Will my burning soul cool in the waters of life?
Will my mortal coil turn to ashes
And blow away in winds of nothingness?
Will my spirit soar across a millennium of stars?
Will my innerness thought-speed through the eons of galaxies?
Will I boldly go where few have ascended before?
Or have countless already seen the vast beyond-time?
What lies beyond the gossamer veil?
What illusions will dissolve as I plunge deeper?
What realities will change my beingness
As I experience the light of the inner way?

If I only let go
I will know ...

SS Div

Resurrecting the Butterflies of my Mind

I plugged my brain back in and rebooted my thought-process that morning
Right after I tripped over my last bad dream still dripping out of my head
Like thick sap oozing down the side of the tree trunk;
After my morning coffee, too strong for human consumption,
My stomach acids agitated my burning indigestion
Until I violently regurgitated that awful pizza-and-beer nightmare
I suffered through last night
While I watched the deranged remake of Halloween;
Upon drinking sour buttermilk causing butterflies to flutter out my navel
I birthed a new revelation that sprung from my unsuspecting cranium
Revealing my whirling chakras on fire with blue and golden flames of ecstasy
While simultaneously my kundalini light exploded with blazing fireworks
And like a fire ball, shot out the crown of my brain
And again I was never the same
As grey matter coalesced with twanging heartstrings
Creating a new evolutionary life-form
Molded from too fast a wake up from bed
Birthed from stomach acid soup
And left worthy only for cheap sci-fi stories
Which I finally wrote one day
Since that wretched writer’s block was finally split asunder
With that blast of chakra-shattering thunder
Probably from sniffing too much jasmine incense;
It was a brain-busting encounter of the demented kind;
So that’s what it’s like to resurrect the butterflies of my mind.

SS Div

Consciousness Streams and Meandering Dreams ...

Long threads of thought randomly string together like ceramic beads on a string ...
Streams of sublime consciousness where disjointed words defy meaning ...
Molasses oozings converge with petrified toast
That break my teeth when bitten into ...
Wine cooler dribbles down my neck while ignoring it
As fingers rat-atat across the keyboard ...
Tantalizing text appearing magically on the glaring screen I color green
Staving off UV damage to my sensitive eyes
Causing me to nod off, conscious mind dying ...
The ominous conscious sub-zone takes over
And illusions of reality fritter about my astral universe ...
For when dreams are dreamt
My body anchors down while spirit soars ...
Hear it gyrating and undulating to the music of the spheres
Which are Christmas ornaments above my head
As I sit under the flashing holiday tree of glee ...
Six year old now, an old soul in new body
But I hear the melodic colors silently blinking and tinkling
Not aware my senses are crossed like two mismatched eyes
Due to this synethsetic freakshow condition I’ve endured for years
A gift from my hide-and-seek fiasco when staring into the ultraviolet lamp
That killed my eyes to death
Severe migraines afflicting me
Reminding me this earth plane is a temporary locality ...
For I was blinded to materialism and sighted to spiritualism ...
A blessing’s curse in disguise
Or perhaps a curse’s blessing ...
Mixed irony’s leapfrogging multiple paradoxes of life’s bountiful confusion
Where understanding is merely the door prize
At life’s frolicking mind-blasting party
Where death is a joke
And your next birth is redundancy’s hell
Unless you learn to laugh at it all
To just give it up and go with the flow ...

Synethsesia: a phenomena in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as the hearing of a sound resulting in the sensation of the visualization of a color. Synethsetic. (Webster’s Dictionary)

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Eerie Episodes of Attention Deficit Disorderliness

And so a friend once told me ...
now wait, which friend was that?
an old friend or a new one?
new friends have no history but old friends ARE history ...
alright, what was I saying there?
I lost my train of thought as it choo-chooed on by
going over my head like a Frisbee, or that freaking UFO I just witnessed...
and didn’t I just order a blue plate special?
where did it fly off to?

As I enter an eerie stream of superconsciousness
whilst sipping hot Brazilian Java
and sniffing the exotic sandalwood incense
in the corner next to my open laptop
displaying a new poem I just concocted --
uh ... uh ... uh ...

I strangely forgot exactly what it was I was leaping off the cliff about to say here ...
some bilge-worthy blather that usually spews from my lips like refried bean diarrhea
as I strain my brain to remember something-er-other ...
then shrugging my knobby shoulders because it really doesn't matter
because my new ever-present motto is “Whatever ...”
only wasted stoned tokers wax lethargic like that ...

But me? I got no clue what I was yammering on about here ...
just incoherent mindless devilish drivel
in vain attempts at forcing a facsimile of false realities or real illusions
whichever is least logical at the moment ...
whatever moment that was I was discussing something-er-other ...

Uh ... so where was I now?
i was busy being lost in thought
cuz I lost my thought
drowning in rivers of addled awareness and streams of dysfunctional conscientiousness
where anything I write is subject to whimsical whateverness and lapses of drifting consciousness ...

Uh ... so what was I saying now?
oh yeah, I recall!
and so a friend once told me I had the memory span of a ...
now what was I just saying?

SS Div

Not Necessarily Haiku

I work at night
Phone unplugged
I sleep a long morning

Suddenly blaring alarm!
Smash it to pieces!
Go back to sleep

Oatmeal breakfast
Dull and boring
Time for change

Check my e-mail
Delete evil spam
Reply to good friends

Blank white screen
Cursor waiting for me
Damn! Writer’s block again!

Gust of flooding ideas
Swooping through my brain
Damn! Just a grocery list

At the supermarket
Attacked by precious poetic epiphanies
Damn! Left my notepad at home

At the blank white screen again
Cursor still waiting
Damn! Lost those poems

Tired of writing!
Tired of my computer!
Hello TV!

SS Div

A Mystery in the Waters

It was a stark and lonely night
The stars were not very bright
But the glowing white moon
Shone clearly this June
As I strolled along the shores of a nameless beach
Where the waves undulated softly
Like the breathing of some enormous presence
Some kind of living sentience
I felt the subtle vibration
I sensed the sublime emanation
Of a somethingness out there in the vast ocean
An intelligent consciousness
A feminine gossamer specter hidden in the spanning waters
And yet I felt it deep within me
Whatever was without
Was linked within
And as the white light of the moon
Danced shimmering reflections across the dark glass surface
The mysterious ghostliness seemed more alive then ever
As I sensed the great waters were a medium
A cosmic conduit for something greater
For I now realized I had been summoned by the Great Goddess
Known by many names
More commonly Mother Nature
But She is the sublime Mistress of Life and Love
Gaia the Very Ancient One
The very Soul of the World

SS Div

A Presence in the Trees

I ambled through the beautiful park of green
Watching the children climbing the jungle gym
And swinging their swings
In the playground of fun and laughter
Then I felt something strange
A something calling me
Upon a hill I spied a stand of tall evergreens
I climbed up the slope to investigate
For the trees were calling me
I felt a definite sentience
An ancient wisdom emanating from their midst
As I stood in the middle of three of the greater pillars
I felt their awesomeness, their majesty, and their wisdom
These were truly Ancient Ones
Spirits in the trees
Guardian's of Nature
And they had called me to be one with them

I experienced their inner dimension of the true nature of life
Beyond what the human mass mind comprehends
And this inner oneness pervades all existence
If we but rise up
And fall into it ...

SS Div

Just a Random Flood from Hell and Nothing More

I dreamed of a family party, all sitting at chairs and couches and love seats
In a big living room next to a huge picture window
As we ate and drank and laughed, partying hardy
Then we all heard an uncanny swooshing rumble like molten thunder,
And just outside through the window
We beheld a flood of raging water rushing across the lawn beyond
And it flooded across all the lawns of all the houses of our slightly down sloping street
We saw toy trucks, and plastic buckets, and tricycles and other miscellaneous objects Being whisked away in this freakish furious flood out of nowhere
A straw hat blithely sailed by like a little newspaper boat
A bobbing tree branch zoomed by like an amputated limb
An upturned wheelbarrow whooshed along the way like a large cruise ship
But suddenly hit and gouged the wooden pain of the huge picture window
With a crunching crash that made people jump and yelp
Then it scuttled on by and out of sight
Leaving a bear wood wound in the otherwise straight blue pain
The demonic grey waters poured down the avenue and the lawns
Like an apocalypse flood from hell, here to destroy the world
I half expected the Four Horsemen to storm down along its length
Or the prophetic Beast to rear its ugly head out of the raging waters
But then my imagination often runs wild – like this furious flood;

Soon all the dark waters flooded on by, leaving the street and lawns in a glossy wet film
And everything was trashed and belittered with dregs and debris
Broken fence posts, little toys, plastic trash bags, strewn wet leaves and such
Left by this freakish flood from Hades
But everyone shrugged and turned away from the huge picture window
As if a commercial had just appeared on the TV set
The family returned to their eating and drinking and laughing
Seemingly unamused by the sudden devastation beyond
As if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred
Just another ho-hum family gathering
And nothing more.

SS Div

Carry Me To Rock ‘n’ Roll Nirvana

Turn on the stereo
And let’s get rockin’!
Power up the volume
And blast my freaking ears to hell!
I wanna feel the reverberating heavy metal pulse through my freaking body
I wanna die with insane sound crashing through my freaking brain!
I wanna expire on metallic wings of cacophony!
When my spirit soars the spanning astral plane
Let deranged guttural screaming rip through my freaked-out mind!
Let wildly shrieking guitars tear through my totally wasted soul!
And carry me to Rock ‘n’ Roll Nirvana!

SS Div

Hole in my Head

I dreamed I was missing my brain
So there I was going insane
Then I woke up and realized it was real
My grey matter they did steal
A big chunk was ripped out of my chakra crown
That rumbled with a thunderous sound
Now I stumble around with a big hole in my head
But at least I feel lighter without that weight of lead
The problem is I can’t seem to think
Woe, to new depths I now sink
Perhaps it was that new herb that long-haired freak let me smoke
He said you've gotta be careful how you toke
Because you might damn well blow your brains out
But I discovered you can reach Nirvana by a new route
So that hole in my head was now filled
With convoluted kaleidoscopic visions I thought I had killed
Back in the 70s when I too was a hippie freak
To hard rock I would gleefully cry and shriek
But now I'm a demented aging geezer
My brains I blew out with a sneezer
And the hole in my head is leaking billowing fumes
As I insanely run through all the rooms
Searching for that hunk of gray matter
Without it I’ll descend down the corporate ladder
Then in the kitchen I found a fresh slab of raw ground round
That just happened to be lying around
So I plopped it inside my empty head
Feeling intellectually well fed
After which I tossed an ugly grey sponge into the trash
Then off down the street I would dash
Wondering why I still had no thoughts in my noggin
Cuz my mind was really sloggin’
Those gears above were really grinding
In a downward spiral I was truly winding
But that hamster wheel up there just stopped
For some reason I think it was blocked
So I sat on a lone park bench
Because it was time for lunch
You see my stomach grumbled of hunger
And I had a craving for a hamburger
So I took out what I thought was my brain from my head
And put it between two pieces of bread
Proceeding to eat my freaking brains out
Yeah, just another stark raving insane bout.

But realizing I really don’t need a brain
Cuz appetizing now is going insane
To crash me through walls of illusion
Showing me this crazy world is a delusion
So I sit at this park bench happy and content
Living in the current moment of present
Without a mind which was just a false construct
And it’s high time for it to self-destruct
So that hole in my head, which the witchdoctor ordered
From which my feeble brain was out-snorted
Lead me to stop thinking and just BE outside the box
Beyond all the shackles and locks
Finally feeling life through my heart
All the restrictions I will thwart
So I recommend to all to get in your head that blessed hole
Then at last you’ll become free and whole.

SS Div

Upon a Desert Night

Red sun setting on the roof of my black Trans Am
Joshua tree silhouettes jutting across the crimson horizon
The high-pitched drone of the cicadas whines off in the distance
The scent of sage lingers in the soft breeze as it brushes against my face
Pin-prick lights begin appearing to the indigo east
Once the crimson orb is down to sleep
As I sit in the creaky lawn chair on a sandy hillock
Roasting marshmallows in a small fire
I smell burning sugar wafting up my nostrils
As the flames crackle and sputter and dance
Like fire pixies dancing an Irish jig in my head
As more mystic camp fires appear overhead as the night draws on
Coyote howls pierce the air in worship to the pallid moon above
A sharp gust of breeze chills me and forms gooseflesh on my arms
Suddenly the cicadas go silent
Even the coyotes wane in their somber ritual
I hear a crunch of sand, someone stealthily approaches through the Joshuas
A weird lumbering monster of grotesque deformities!
Bearing hideous appendages to either side!
And it’s climbing up the little hillock, approaching slowly!
My spine tingles and neck hairs prickle!
I almost scream, but hold back a moment --
Then I realize who it is
“You’re late,” I scold.
It’s just my old friend carrying his lawn chair in one hand
And a twelve pack in the other.
“I had to get beer,” replies he.
We sit and roast marshmallows together
Gulping Bud Light
Rapping over good times of old
While hearing the high-pitched drone of the cicadas in the distance
And the lonely howls of the moon-eyed coyotes
As we watch those countless ancient campfires over our heads
Aaaaaah ... happy times in the desert night!

SS Div

My Asylum of Insanity

The asylum of my body
Has trapped my screaming mind
In its demented snares of insanity;
Nightmare images of ancient traumas
Haunt the dark recesses
Within the subterranean chambers down below;
Yet grim glimpses surface from time to time
Then vanish as quickly;
I try snatching the gossamer visions
Yet they elude me as if they were nothing at all;
They’re self-inflicted mind games
As I act like my own enemy;
I victimize myself as if I were detached from myself;
Untamed prankster ego
Practical joking its way into my life
Wreaking heinous havoc
And driving me start raving crazy!
It’s time to pull off the chains
Realizing they were loose around my neck all along
I can walk out of this self-created asylum at any time;
But I must first cross through the fear and doubt
I must confront the dark veil of deception I have formed around me
Time to let go and fall off cliff’s edge ...

Suddenly a mysterious light flashes at the corner of my eye
Another trick of my mind?
Or from something beyond
And yet deep within
Realizing all that’s gone before
Is some deranged illusion
I begin breaking the false shackles
I tear down the walls of delusion
Freeing myself into happy today's
And even brighter tomorrow
For little did I know
The light at tunnel’s end
Has been all around me
Now I am free!

SS Div

Ode to Harrietta

I have a pretty cat
Sitting in my lap
While she’s contentedly laying here
She loves being scratched behind the ear
She gives me a loud purr
As I stroke her soft fur
Her name is Harrietta
Her fur feels like a warm sweata
But sometimes I call her Harrie-Berry
And other times Harrie-Squary
She's part tabby and part who-knows-what
And she's quite the silly nut
Especially when she plays with string
Then she's quite the ding-aling
I love her like a pig loves mud
Cuz I'd save her from a raging flood
She rarely goes outside of the home
But when she does, she's one to roam
Finding her somewhere outside
Is like playing seek and hide
But what I like best about this cat
Is simply her sitting in my lap.

SS Div

My Son’s Fat Cat

Fat cat Drako
Is gonna bako
A big fat cako
That he will mako
From a long skinny snako
That he clubbed with a rako
So this weird cako
Is really a fako
Cuz fat cat Drako
Is a big flako
But now Drako
Is gonna tako
A long breako

SS Div


Cowboy-up, little dogie
Be a man and take it
Find your foe and face it
Get your lasso and wrangle them lousy varmints
They’re wearing black hats and tattered garments
There’s many a greedy bandito and outlaw
You know you can face and outdraw
Don't let ‘em get you down
Get up and run ‘em out of town
Galldarn those pesky pests
Shoot those blamed buzzards outa their nests
They’ve been buggin’ you all the time
Those scurrying scalawags in your mind
Are flea-bitten trespassers on your ranchero
They’ll dig at your bones and eat your marrow
Coyboy up, buckaroo
Take those dadblamed fears, doubts, and worries
And just hang ‘em high
On the nearest tree to die
So cowboy up, partner
Be your own sheriff
And run them crazy critters outa your town!

SS Div

The Conspiracy Theory Game

Conspiracy theories
Propaganda hypotheses
Deception scenarios
Fabricated rumors
Is there any truth to these?
Or is it malarkey and balderdash all!
Which is fact and which is fiction?
What is real and what is illusion?
Where is the truth and what is the lie?
There's too many questions
And not enough answers
Do we really know what's going on in the world?
In spite of the crazy notions
That an alien shakes the hands of the president
The beloved bat-boy joins the Navy
The devils face appears in black billowing smoke
The first head transplant is a success in
To name a few typical tabloid myths
I still suspect something's fishy on planet Earth
There’s something hidden beneath the surface
Whether it's the advent of the New World Order
The strange cover-ups of the ETs and UFOs
The stubborn insistence that Area 51 doesn't exist
The cloak-and-dagger conspiracy of who really killed JFK
The denial of the toxic chemtrails crisscrossing our skies
The fallacy that fiat money is real currency rather than just Monopoly money
The lame claims of skeptics that no one really ever landed the moon
Then it's clear that something smells just beneath the surface
Perhaps the government is playing a game
A very dangerous game indeed
Something more sinister than the conniving shell game of old
Where people are being bamboozled and hoodwinked right and left
As they pull the truth out from under our noses
To bury it somewhere out of sight
But they’re just insulting our intelligence, what little we have left
The desperate cover-ups are futile if not simply annoying
Although a lot of crap is being spewed out
There’s still the truth that is out there
Somewhere ...
And we’re uncovering it bit by bit
Even as we speak
But we have to sift through the deception and the tabloids
Scour through the falsifications and misinformation
Although its buried beneath the rubble of propaganda
But you have to take it all with a grain of salt
Don't be naïve and gullible
Learn to discern what is truth and what is false
But I still believe something smells
And it's not the spoiled fish out on the back porch

SS Div

Strange Ways of Zones Unknown
There are mysterious zones out there that are quite unknown
There are eerie areas that thrive in darkness
There are sinister parameters that many dare not enter
Bold researchers and investigators strive to pierce this veil
To penetrate the gossamer web of the unfathomable
To delve into that which has not yet been identified
Or to uncover the deception that conceals the truth
To blow the whistle on corrupt clandestine operations
Or to reveal to the world that ETs do exist
To bring into the mainstream realities of the paranormal
Or to tell the world its time for the Secrets to be disclosed
And yes, to deliver the fact that the truth is out there
Ready to break through the surface
Soon these mysterious will be revealed
And taken out of the dark chamber of zones unknown.

SS Div

What more can I say
Haven’t I said it all?
Or is there more to say?
Or should I say nothing at all
And just be ...

SS Div