Holy Anarchy
Introduction to Anarchy

Do we really understand anarchy? Do we know exactly what its parameters are? Beneath the surface, it’s far more than unlawfulness or unruliness.

Often revolutions are caused due to anarchy, because the oppressed seek freedom; they despise government corruption, deception, and propaganda, and so they fight against it. Due to the system, what is good becomes bad and what is bad becomes good. Everything gets turned upside down and inside out. The world becomes a topsy-turvy madhouse. When we endeavor to enact our privileges and rights of freedom and accuse the system of suppressing them, the system construes this as anarchy against the current law of the land. The system is threatened and jeopardized when we rebel against it, and so we are seen as anarchists.

When our human rights and especially our freedom of speech and religion is questioned, ridiculed, or even violated, because we appear as anarchists, we’re a step closer to expressing the divine blasphemy of real freedom and peace, which the existing oligarchy endeavors to prevent us from attaining. Hence, anarchy is born. But when we see what is truly right, it becomes a holy anarchy.

HA Div

Divine Blasphemy

The relentless revolution of inspired minds
Causes holy chaos and calamity across the land
As we join together and scream our thoughts aloud;
But the dark oligarchy spews back profanities of a law written in stone
Which we passionately interpret as corruption!
And we emphatically cry deception!
It’s “we the people” against “they” the system
Because greed caused this great chasm;
Rule by, for, and of the people became a fantasy;
Dictators in sheep’s clothing give lip service of empty promises
Then as wolves they eat our hearts out;
For doing the right thing
We find ourselves behind the bars of oppression
But in this dark regime
What is right is made wrong
And what we know as wrong, they make right;
It’s an upside-down inside-out system;
As we stand in defiance, resisting the face of corruption
Fighting the enemy within our own land
We are forced to sacrifice ourselves for those less fortunate
To die for the Cause that they may live
To unmask the evil behind the lie
To reveal the lie for the wretchedness it really is
And overthrow the greedy ruling class
That the people may take the reigns once again
That our children’s children may someday prosper in a land of true righteousness
In a nation of peace, and love, and harmony;
In the meantime, in this mean world, we must fight back with our divine blasphemies!

HA Div

Holy Anarchy

Elongated streams of nothingness converge with infinite ribbons of everythingness
Sublimating into levels of voidless causelessness...
Eternal infinity’s yearning for never-yesterday's dreams
And always-tomorrow's realities...
Distant rumblings’ hue of cacophonous visions
Where paradise is a gossamer image of beauty’s nonexistence
Within the pulsing existential substance of hard cold absolute illusion...
I feel the sheer emptiness of total undiscontentedness through ecstasy’s wavering flag
of freedom’s longing for the illusion of human law
To cease its crippling bonds upon the masses
That it may dissolve into the vast vapors of harmlessness . .

Our holy rage against the system is often unheard and unsung...
Our battle-cry rings only in our own hearts, but thwarted by agents of the system...
Paradoxical doublethink propaganda strains to brainwash we the gullible
Into the lie that all is well and right with this screwed up world...
Illogical dichotomy of the absolute abstract annoys the vibrating fillings in my teeth
As the blood pumping through my veins leads me on a quest through life’s complete incompleteness
As I experience the perfectly imperfect nature of it all
Where purposefulness amalgamates with pointlessness...

Hard crystallized belief prevents real truth from entering your mind...
Concrete doctrine blocks honest questions from revealing your true heart...
For meditating’s arena is Spirit’s wisdom through your humble openness...
Mind-shocking words are free into meaninglessness at first glimpse
As heart-openness absorbs the ethers of eternal truthfulness
Where strict logic has no place...

The impossible truth is made possible in our yearning hearts
But the system ignores it and dupes us into the lie...
Dogma’s crippling grip strangles life and prevents death which is freeing...
Death that is life in the beyond-time...
Death that is radical change of beingness...
Death who is birthing new souls into the unfolding sublime holy anarchy...

HA Div

Church of Churchlessness

When they say it is, it isn’t
They talk, but no walk
They say, but don’t do;
Hypocrisy is blatant in churchianity
The gatekeepers won’t let you in
They’re afraid of what you’ll find;
They are liars inside
And you’ll only feel empty within
If you listen to their truths;
Any truth you’ll not find
Unless you do it yourself
Do it inside;
So burn all the books!
Trash all the dogmas!
Believe nothing!
Question everything!
You won’t find it outside
Only inside
Cuz that’s where it’s hidden
... .in plain sight

HA Div

Finding it

I walked through the doors that weren’t there
I sat in a pew that wasn’t there
I congregated with people who thought they were somewhere else
They talked about a truth that was something else;
This must be the church of churchlessness
A strange church that wasn’t a church at all
Is hypocrisy blatant even in churchlessness?
I left this place that wasn’t a place
Which is fine for those who fit into this placelessness
But since I haven’t been able to fit into any place at all
Let alone a place without a place
I’ve decided to be a solitary
To simply do it by myself
Where peace is in my mind
And I’ve discovered truth is inside;
That’s where I’ll be finding it.

HA Div

Journeyers All

We are all on a journey
We all walk this path
But we each perceive it differently
And our perceptions become religions;
Many follow a leader
Several of whom are charlatans
And all the restrictions, all the dogmas,
All the man-made notions of truth and reality
May just be another illusion;
So when you think you’re on the path
you’ll be lead astray instead;
Often going beyond the “group”
Can be more fulfilling;
So if you find the tools yourself
And go inside yourself
And find yourself
That’s the real path to follow.

HA Div

Dogma be damned!

Proselytization assimilation
Indoctrination integration
Blind belief in one true church
“Resistance is futile!
You will be assimilated into the Borg collective”
Of religious totalitarianism
Unless you rebel
Fight it, kicking and screaming
Just get the hell outa there
Before they brainwash you and bamboozle you
Into manufactured dogma of a plastic god
that a much higher Consciousness in its right mind would readily reject;
Becoming the frozen dead in a refrigerator church
Where freedom to see deeper is a joke
And to accept their "truth” unequivocally
And not question it as sound doctrine;
To inquire beyond
To think outside their box is blasphemy
To contemplate the infinite
To imagine the unimaginable
Are silly fantasies to the plastic church;
They proclaim their silly ideas are God’s truth
But the universe stretches out and yawns in spite of them
Ignoring their plastic platitude and dour doctrines;
While they demand "We are right and you are wrong!"
I laugh, "Dogma be damned!"

HA Div

The Sanity of Madness

The technique of my insanity
is directly unopposed
to the method of my madness;
For the divisiveness of my craziness is enveloped
by the dichotomy of my deranged mind;
One man's mental delirium
is another man's supernatural euphoria;
My little monk cell is just a room in the loony bin;
My monastery is an asylum for the mad;
It's all inside my head
where the demented ravings of a lunatic thrives;
And as I look into the mirror
my Joker-faced self is laughing maniacally back at me!
So I laugh back spitefully and out-maniac it!
That's when I realized the sanity of madness that afflicts me;
How else can you hold it together while you're falling apart at the seams?

We're all crazy to believe insane things
It keeps us on our toes
Because when gravity slips away
levity lifts us up;

The craziness of tranquility screams across my brain
which is an empty mass of nothingness
upon which the threshold of somethingness
gleefully becomes the way of everythingness;
How else can we fall apart when keeping it together?

The sane have no comprehension --
only the mad know!

HA Div

Zombie Love

I love how your dry eye droops out of your cavernous dark socket
I adore how your rough parchment tongue tickles mine
Your long brittle fingernails rake across my bare chest in torturous caresses of bloody agony
The little black spiders crawling out of your ears and corners of your mouth make me giggle with glee
The bleached white bones gaping in your arms, legs, and torso makes me wild with gruesome ecstasy
The shriveled gnarly entrails I gaze through your ribcage makes me groan with desire
Your stringy grey hair is fragile gossamer webbing
That glues itself to my whole body as we embrace
In passionate undulating creaking throes of death...
We morbidly orgasm together as we ravenously eat each others’ brains out!
No sweat oozes from our dry pores
No soft elegant flesh writhes in malleable motions in wild undulations...
No shrieks of liveliness cracks the air around us...
Just two harshly shrieking, bone-crunching, creaking, thrashing,
Parchment-skinned, hideous creatures of the undead doing their sick and twisted thang...
Aaaaaahhh.... zombie love!

HA Div

Faces in the Clouds

I see wispy faces in the clouds
But where are the silver linings?
Where are the dreams come true?
Did I just imagine them?
Gleaming in pastel hues at the corners of my mind?
With shimmering rainbows and pots of gold?
Where magical carnival rides scream young lungs
Where hideous sideshows display freakshow horrors

I see freaky faces in the clowns
White panted masks scaring the children in their nightmare worlds
And animal balloons preying on their twisted imaginations
And silvery helium balloons in your face...
Yeah, just another nutcase--

If sense is ever made of it all
Then I’m stark raving insane!

HA Div

Getting to me

I won’t let her get to me
I wont let her shit infect me
I’ll turn away from her ugliness and
I’ll face away from her disturbingness
I won’t let it get to me
I won’t allow it’s stickiness to afflict me
I feel like puking
Adding to the disgustingness I feel
I feel like screaming
Subtracting from the insanity of it all
Finally I push the handle
And flush it all away
Until the water in the bowl is clear
Finally... peace again!

HA Div

Lost in Paradox

Evil vs. Good
Wrong against right
Yin and Yang
What’s it all mean?
Aren’t we here to simply experience life
No matter what that entails?
Doesn’t the Higher Power simply yearn to experience all things, all levels,
All dimensions, all life-forms,
Whether that be good, bad, or indifferent?
Spirit enters the dense material plane
And just goes with the flow, whatever directions that leads
Because simply to experience existence in every way is the point;

And so what of morals?
What of karma
What of repercussions?
What of restrictions?
If we’re here to do it all
Why proceed as if walking on egg shells?
Why not be devil-may-care and fancy-free?
Why care what happens to me
Who cares what happens to others?
We’re all in it together, to take the ride through heaven and hell
Who cares what we do?
Why not sin for all its worth?
Perhaps the point is for Spirit to experience all and everything
So its numerous denser vehicles can learn and grow, through trials and errors;
It must first devolve in order to evolve
And as Spirit raises up the denseness
As beings rise in vibration
The force of opposites become obsolete
Then wisdom through experience unfolds
Then harmony unfolds
And oneness is realized.

HA Div

Darkness Delving

Delving on the dark side of reality
Where solid brick illusion smacks me upside the head
Knocking me into next infinity;
Disoriented, detached, and confused
I feel disconnected from whatever it was I was once connected to
Via psychic umbilical cords and paranormal kite strings
Or just limp spaghetti strands into oblivion;
I grope through stone-cold darkness
Blindly searching for solid ground, for firm footing
But everything falls out from under me;
Gravity is a cruel prankster
When you think you’re rising above it all;
Suddenly the trap door flies open
And you plummet to your dismal doom;
Dark night of the soul, I suppose
Wretched nightmare of the heart, most likely;
In facing fear’s face to plunge through the obstacle
Making mountain into mole hill
It dissolves into nothingness at last;
It’s when I stop struggling and fighting, kicking and screaming
It’s when I just give up and let go of it all
The glimmer of light at the end of some obscure tunnel appears.

HA Div


Atheists are cluelessly lucky that they have the total understanding
That something that should exist doesn't;
Gnostics lack this understanding
Since they defiantly continue to believe something exists that shouldn’t;
Because since life is a freaking fluke
With no laws of an intelligent designer
No wonder life never had a chance to flicker into being
Or to thrive for millions of years on a dead rock;
With no greater mind to create life and the universe
It all whimpered and imploded into nothingness
Even before it had a chance to get started;
Thankfully, existence never arose,
But petered out before it was a mere puff of smoke;
And so death, not life, has prevailed;
Or rather let’s say nonexistence reigns supreme;
Perhaps consciousness is an illusion
Because we imagine that we think something exists out there that doesn't;
So do we imagine we are even thinking?
Or does thinking itself imagine us?
Who is the real thinker here?
And how can a thinker even exist in nonexistence?
Such an existential conundrum that shouldn’t exist!
What an ontological quandary that shouldn’t be!

But if consciousness continues after death
Perhaps death is an illusion;
And if Godlessness is truth
Then existence never was...

HA Div

The Watchers!

If we are being watched
Then who are the watchers?
And why are they watching us?
One slip up, and to the slammer we go!
If we can’t trust the conniving watchers
Who sits in darkness, creating rules of wrongness
While realities of rightness are trampled on,
Then who can we trust?
Corruption abounds
Deception flourishes
Wrong-doers in charge
While we hide our right-doingness

If we are being watched
Then who are the watchers?
And why are they watching us?
Now let me ask
Who is watching the watchers?

HA Div

Church for Sale

I once bought the church
And the cost was my self
I once believed the lie
That buried the truth
I began to question it all
To defy it all
And not fitting in was blasphemy
Not obeying their plastic god
Was a sacred crime
My questions lead me onward
Where truth was no longer hiding
For the long journey inward
Assured that the cost of myself was the worthy sacrifice
And patience of seeking will endure my way
And the joy of finding is gratifying
But the giving to others
Is the real reward!

Now I’ve put up a sign
The new sign of the times”
“Church is for sale
But the buyer beware!”

HA Div

Anarchist Superstar

I caused a revolution
I shot up my fist in rage
Against the system of lies and deceit
Propaganda was my enemy
And I ate corruption for dinner
I fought for freedom to speak freely
I pledged for the people to lead the system
And not become slaves of the evil oligarchy
But the system had no ears
But spoke with a loud voice
That shattered lives and corrupted souls;
I could take it no more
And the people agreed
I lead a mob of rebels into slaughter
For we knew the goal of a bloody sacrifice
All onlookers thought we lost
But the battlefield of dead bodies made its point:
The system was truly evil and had to fall
For the wide-eyed spectators that remained
New their place in the scheme of things
They had to be the next wave of rebellion
in the forces against the sinister system
For their rage grew when they saw my pierced and bloody body
In the midst of the crimson combat zone
And my last breath was, “It has just begun!”
And so I died, but as one who opened the door
That would lead to the downfall of corruption
From that day forward
They fought with the strength and courage I had given them
And although many died, others followed, and they never ceased
Until the system finally fell and crumbled to dust
And the people began to rule with the raised fist of freedom
Hence, in victory they rose their fists and cried,
“We fought hard and came far!
Hail to Anarchist Superstar!”

HA Div

Invisible Armageddon

The world grinds to a halt, yet slowly, torturously slow,
Imperceptibly, right beneath our noses
Just out of sight
Yet you may glance it in your peripheral vision
You might spy it at the corner of your eye
But distractions will block your way
Keep you in a fog
You must keep focused in the undercurrents
Perceive the imperceptible
Hear the screaming loud voice within
For it's an illusion to think it's still and small
The puss of evil is rising to the surface
For the invisible Armageddon is not near
It is starkly here
Raging wildly within our emotions
Raving madly out in bloody battlefields
Craving to weaken us and bend our knee
That we may submit to the dark system
But we must falter not
We must stand strong together
And fight the good fight in unison
The dark power is here
But, as one, so are we

HA Div

Unseen Apocalypse

The unseen apocalypse has arrived
The end is here
Old ways shall be destroyed
But new ways shall resurrect
For the end is only a new beginning
You will never be the same
For change is constant
A strange paradox that holds together the universe
And as the Cosmos breathes in and out forever
As ebb and flow, yin and yang continue to operate
Then ends will always birth beginnings
Hence the apocalypse is merely a transient thing
And infinity reigns everlasting

Now let’s make a clear point
To reinterpret an old interpretation
The assumed apocalypse is the end
But the real apocalypse is the revealing
So let it be revealed that when the real apocalypse comes
It is not the end
But the revealing of a new beginning

HA Div

Fitting in

I don't fit in
I never did fit in
Living in a world of square pegs and round holes
Existing in a place where there’s no place to go
Surviving in a time where you can't survive
I don't fit in
I never did it in
The clique is an illusion
The cool group is a dream
It lasts for a moment
And it dawns on me
The harsh grim reality that
I don't fit in
I never did fit in
I'm fit to be tied
Fitting in is not for geeks
And I’m one of those freaks
Fitting in is for the normals
I'm one of the abnormal
Fitting in is believing like everyone else
It’s buying the funny farm
Fitting in as a brainwashed life
A bamboozled way of existing
No, fitting in is not for me
I go my own way now
So fitting in is out!


To fit is out
So then
Fitting out is in

HA Div

Holy anarchy is chaotic good
Fighting against orderly evil
Join us in our holy cause
Against the dark system
Aid us in the revolution to thwart the cold war of the mass mind
Where corruption, deceit, and propaganda flourish
We sacrifice ourselves for the greater good
We live to die that many will soon live in peace and harmony
In the Promised Land of our hearts

HA Div