This latest account begins in the Autumn of 2009; however, matters of high strangeness and supernatural portent begin to unfold and intensify in the Mojave high desert, especially when R. R. Stark joins a paranormal research group that investigates eerie events. In their ongoing investigations, they begin to discover a mysterious rift that is gradually opening and disturbing the earth plane, allowing psychic effluvium from the Dark Side to seep through as freaky phenomena manifests, such as perplexing reality shifts, things disappearing, darting shadow people, parallel universes, missing time, demonic entities, and more. They are puzzled as to what or whom is causing it, but they endeavor to solve this mystery. As matters become worse, Stark and the group fear that if this dark rift rips wide open, sheer havoc will ravage the high desert and beyond, making way for the Apocalypse!


Section One: High Strangeness on the High Desert
Section Two: Glimmers from Beyond
Section Three: Shadows in the Rift
Section Four: The Shifting of Reality
Section Five: A Mysterious Man called Garret
Section Six: Between Two Worlds
Section Seven: A Maelstrom in the Rift
Section Eight: Gleanings from the Dark Side
Section Nine: The Question of the Reality of Illusion
Section Ten: Mirrors into Darkness
Section Eleven: The Coming of Abaddon
Section Twelve: The Encroaching Smog
Section Thirteen: Beyond the Edge of Darkness

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