Beginning in autumn of 2008, R. R. Stark experienced a hair-raising, blood-chilling ordeal! Being pursued by mysterious men in black, he was forced to abandon his home in Sioux Falls, SD and travel westward halfway across the continent to live in an obscure location somewhere in the Mojave Desert, hiding from his ominous pursuers. He holed up in an underground bunker, beneath his quaint desert cabin, which he called Area 57. Considering he had written numerous articles for various sources, many of which may have appeared treasonous or conspiratorial, he feared "they" were attempting to stop him at all costs! Perhaps they would capture him for interrogation, or even imprison him for revealing secrets the public was not supposed to know about!

Stark feared for his life, especially when it became apparent that "they" were going to find him in the end -- and snuff him out!

When he finally confronted the truth of exactly what and who was harassing him and threatening his very life, he knew he could either attempt to hide for the rest of his life or turn and fight the enemy!

Or was it all just a schizophrenic delusion experienced by an insane man with a demented mind?!!!

Whatever the case may be, this is his harrowing story -- believe it or not!


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