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The Secret Government and the Bible Prophecy Conspiracy

Part One: Manipulating Bible Prophecy

What part does this secret government have to play in Bible prophecy? Are these insidious conspirators deliberately taking advantage of Bible prophecy for their own deceitful schemes?

Since the typical Fundamentalist Christians are looking for the Signs of the Times, will they see the true signs, or those put their through the manipulation of unseen hands? Whether that be the Illuminati, or a global network of secret societies working together, or a secret government, or whatever.

How many views and perspectives are there regarding Armageddon and End Times and Bible prophecy? How much variation is there between the views of the different churches or denominations regarding such prophecies, or how do the other religions view them? Do they reject them entirely because it doesn't fit into their doctrines?

It's a fact that the fundamentalist Christians have a very literal view of Bible prophecy and the End Times, plus a lot of investment for all this to unfold exactly as they believe it will, particularly regarding certain prophecies found in the Book of Revelations and the other prophetic scriptural books. But how much of these prophetic ideas are misinterpreted or even over-embellished over time? Will a blind belief in the current view be the downfall of such literalists?

Some theorists say these prophecies might be internal, that is depicting the inner psychological and spiritual turmoil and triumphs of mankind as time unfolds.

In fact, various New Age metaphysical groups have a nonliteral perspective, wherein they may look for the symbolism and archetypes depicted in such prophecies. Such adherents will reject the fundamentalists' literal views entirely, perhaps observing the End Times as the end of one age and the beginning of another; the end of the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Aquarian Age. And the Second Coming will manifest individually through the Illumination of each person, one at a time, not via a mass Rapture, after which is a dramatic apocalypse and then the bloody war of Armageddon. So it's Christ Consciousness entering unfolding souls, not born again Christians magically being raptured to heaven, while all others are "Left Behind."

Not to mention (but I will) we have the whole "Left Behind" novels which dramatically outlines the whole End Times plan for all gullible Christians ready to be raptured up to heaven, getting off this planet the easy way (major cop-out!), leaving the unbelievers to deal with the evil Anti-Christ and all that follows. Or is this just another conspiracy to hoodwink the gullible naïve folks who believe this all too popular scenario so that the secret government can further control them?

Although we may have various views and interpretations, the truth is still out there.

Here's a scary thought; perhaps God is using these sinister people to allow Bible prophecy to take place. But I doubt it because God can do it on His own without them. Plus we may just have twisted interpretations of the Bible, if not the obvious plan of what will take place - as detailed in the "Left Behind" series.

However, if even several millions of fundamentalist Christians believe in these Bible prophecies, the secret conspirators know they've all naively taken the bait.

Muslims have their own prophecies, which speak of their own form of antichrist, a mysterious person known as the Dijjal. So Christendom is not alone in this scenario.

And how does the prophetic Mark of the Beast fit into all this?

Part Two: The Mark of the Beast

Revelations 13:16-17; "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their forehead: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the Mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

Exactly what is this Mark of the Beast?

The popular theory concerning this "Mark" is that it will probably be involved with our current bar code technology, or even a microchip implants under the skin of the hand or the forehead. For what the Book of Revelations is describing, only makes sense in a technological world.

It's in the works, because there are reports of animal implant for tracking animals whether for scientific purposes or farmers keeping track of their cattle or other farm animals. Most likely the inmates of prisons will be next. Escapees will possibly be tracked and found within one or two days.

Next will be the parolees; if they violate their parole and leave their designated area, whether it be their designated county or state, they will be easily tracked and recaptured. Then the common citizen will be next. Quite possibly credit cards, driver's licenses, and ID cards will be rendered obsolete. All these will be replaced by micro-implants, for the purposes of tracking and identifying every citizen in the nation, or every nation across the world. The age of Big Brother is upon us.

In today's technology, microchips can be manufactured to be the size of an ink spot made with a pen, and can be inserted under the skin line. According to Bible prophecy, this special "Mark" will be enforced by a supreme world ruler, identified as the Beast in Revelations, also known as the Antichrist, and he and his chosen officials will initiate a worldwide government that will enforce people to take this special "Mark," known as the Mark of the Beast, and if they refuse this Mark, they will not be able to buy or sell. This would mean if you refuse the implant, you cannot go to the supermarket and purchase any groceries, and if you are a retailer or shopkeeper, you will not be allowed to sell merchandise. But most likely if you refuse such an implant, you will be arrested and thrown in jail -- if not executed.

Furthermore, this implanted microchip would be directly connected to the flow of currency, so this chip will technically act like your credit card or debit card, connected to your personal bank account, and since the banking industry is directly connected to this secret government, you will see how this is all tied together, nicely and neatly. We will becomes slaves to the banks, slaves to our money. And isn't the love of money the root of all evil?

So we're heading towards a worldwide cashless society. It's a fact that certain governments are already making policies to eliminate the use of checks and actual cash, and many other countries are already experimenting with the idea. So fiat money will be eliminated; all currency will be digital, or virtual perhaps. Virtual money, what a concept! And that wretched little chip will make it all possible. They will scan your hand bearing the chip implant instead of using cash or a credit card when you buy merchandise.

Like I said, the Beast is the Antichrist so his mark is forced on we the people. But how much of this prophecy should be accepted literal, and how much of it is merely symbolic? Or to what degree is it misinterpreted? But most frightening of all, will the secret government actually implement the concept of the Mark of the Beast for its sinister purposes?

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Part Three: The Rise of the Antichrist

Who will be the Antichrist? If this is to be taken literally, will we recognize him when he arrives?

There may be several different interpretations and views about the Bible prophecy and the End Times. Especially the matter of what and who the Antichrist is. Some people believe there have been many antichrists, not just one to come, such as the great prophet Nostradamus suggested. The label of "antichrist" has been given to such individuals as Napoleon, Hitler, Alistair Crowley, Osama bin Laden, or even Saddam Hussein, not to mention Barrack Obama, if not others from the past, mainly because they have the characteristics of one who is against Christ, or anything good; those who are deceitful, greedy, arrogant, and seek world control.
World domination, evidently, has been the temptation for many great leaders, all who were of a corrupt mindset, not to mention being vainly arrogant. The famous Caesars who ruled the vast Roman Empire thirsted for further conquest and world domination, but then at that time 2000 or so years ago, before and after, they had no idea how large the world really was. Inevitably, the Roman Empire finally collapsed. As I said once before, absolute power corrupts, and eventually leads to collapse.

In today's advancing technology, the world has gotten smaller and the possibility of world domination is much easier than it was in the past. Now all this diabolical agenda needs is the unifying of the world governments, initiated by those rich and powerful arrogant subjugators, those invisible conspirators of conquest, and then a New World Order would be installed.

According to the current interpretation of Bible prophecy, there will be a new charismatic leader who will unite the nations with peace and brotherhood, and all the people will look up to him. And once all the nations become one under a large umbrella, then world domination through this New World Order will be initiated and realized fully. The idea is to treat people like wandering, lost sheep who are seeking a shepherd. So give them a shepherd and they will follow him. This messianic figure will change the world and promise peace and prosperity for all. And of course this charismatic leader will be none other than the Antichrist, who will enforce his special mark, the Mark of the Beast, which will most likely be a micro-implant, as we discussed before.

As I said earlier, Islamic prophecies referred to in Antichrist figure known as the Dijjal, who will appear in the Last Days, who will be a false messiah and a deceiver, and will come to rule the entire Earth. He will have powers given to him by Satan and will perform miracles to persuade the people. He will also claim to be the "Lord" over all, and even to be Jesus Christ, some Muslims believe. It should not be too surprising that both Islamic and Christian prophecies coincide, pointing to the same thing, or the same antichrist figure in the Last Days.

Although many buy into this whole literal antichrist idea, there are metaphysicians who say this is just the symbol for an inner dark energy of an untamed and unruly ego that hasn't spiritually matured yet, that we must learn to control and transform into a benevolent force instead. So the idea is to transmute this interior antichrist energy into the Christ energy.

But fundamentalists prefer the more physically-based, literal view of this whole scenario. With that in mind, will the secret government make their own false antichrist to dupe the people, or, far more frightening, will the real Antichrist arise and form his own one world government, which will no longer be secret any longer?

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Part Four: Signs of the Times

One of the signs that the end is near is the forming of Israel as a legal state in 1948. This suggests the countdown and now Bible scholars are keeping their eyes wide open and their mouths even wider with spreading words of prophecies being fulfilled in our own times. This is fuel for the End Times conspirators that want control, obviously.

Other clear signs of the times are the forming of the European Union, and also the creation of the North American Union. And the United Nations is already with us, ready for the Antichrist to use as he sees fit, if he so chooses. It seems a New World Order is fast approaching. Also common signs are the number of the beast through microchip or bar code technology, and one world currency via a united economy.

Another timely sign is the seven year reign of the Antichrist, also known as the Tribulation. Because the Antichrist will promise peace and unity across the world, which will begin with a peace treaty the Antichrist forms with Israel. But he will break this treaty half way through, three and a half years after, and he will judge, persecute, and execute those not for him, who have turned against him, as he will set himself up as the world leader. But this will be only the beginning, according to prophecy. Next the great Armageddon war will ensue, which involves the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, which are primarily symbolic for Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death. Quote possibly the diabolical secret government could conceivably implement these prophetic elements to show people that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled.

If this sinister conglomerate actually initiates these ominous schemes, is it possible that God would actually use this medium, unknowingly to them, to fulfill Bible prophecies? Or is that too convoluted and insane a notion? I think their plans would be thwarted so that God would do His own work without them. Otherwise, God would be using evil resources to do His work. This is just another crazy conspiracy theory that should be scrapped.

But I'm sure these conspirators won't acknowledge the next phase, which is the defeat of the Antichrist and Satan, after which a thousand years of peace of Godliness ensue, Christ Jesus reigning as king across the land. That would be their downfall.

On the other hand, if the real Bible prophecy is to be taken literally, all this would unfold naturally, and it would be the Antichrist himself who sets up the one world government, and soon he would cause the war of Armageddon.

Personally, I believe the Biblical prophecies are symbolic and in many cases misinterpreted. Perhaps it all involves the internal struggle and turmoil of humanity as it journeys through life, whereby many people are growing spiritually and entering Godliness. But some might not make it if they resist the rising vibratory rate the world is entering, so the idea is to adjust and change, or be left behind.

What do you think?

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Part Five: The Armageddon Conspiracy

Are the rumors about a diabolical Armageddon plan based on any real facts? Or is this just pieced together puzzle pieces to form yet another elaborate conspiracy theory that is often proliferated to the masses?

This scenario of the secret government using Bible prophecy as another aspect to enable the forming of the New World Order is indeed diabolical, but whether just a wild rumor or an actual plan is yet to b determined.

There is another strange rumor about something called the "annihilation of nations" that certain clandestine factions may attempt to bring into manifestation, whether it be through thermonuclear war or biochemical warfare, or both, or some other means, is not certain. But sources say that a large percentage of the world's population would be destroyed! That would amount to a real Armageddon! Could they be talking about World War III, manipulated by the secret government? This definitely sounds like part of the Armageddon conspiracy I've been researching.

Adjacent to this is the Biblically prophesied Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, or Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death, instigated by the Antichrist of course, and these four elements could very well cause the annihilation of many nations if not all.

One strange aspect of this "annihilation of nations" concept revolves around the Catholic Church, and the appearance of Mother Mary at a place called Fatima, where she gave three children certain instructions for all people to obey, and if people (just Catholics, or everybody?) do not comply, the annihilation of nations will occur. Is this religious propaganda of the highest order, or what? Proselytization through fear tactics doesn't sound like a message from God to me, but something concocted by religious fanatics. Certain Moslem factions used fear and threats of death (like beheadings) to covert infidels (especially Christians) to their religion.

We've discussed that some conspiracy theorists believe the secret government has a plan to duplicate Bible prophecy, involving the ramifications of a New World Order, Armageddon, and the End Times. The members of this secret government, who are most likely godless atheists who reject the Bible prophecies, will allegedly use these prophetic ideas to formulate a sinister diabolical plan. They will use this plan to fool we the people, in order to gain control over us.

This may just be a harebrained theory, but what if it's true? Wouldn't the temptation be too great for such a secret government? Wouldn't these sinister conspirators' use of Bible prophecies be the perfect tool for controlling the people of the world? At least Christians or Moslems who believe in such prophecies will be hornswoggled, if not others. This would be a perfect method to instigate their New World Order which involves world domination. This Armageddon Plan, which would essentially be duplicating Bible prophecies, would be used to literally dupe the gullible masses of the world. Of course, it's quite possible that even if some of the conspirators that do believe in Bible prophecy might arrogantly believe they are chosen ones given the rights to enforce these events, although they have selfish motives. Just like the saying goes, the path of goodness is often paved with bad intentions. Or is it the path of evil is often paved with good intentions. Whichever…Both might be true. But many of the conspirators are most likely atheists or agnostics who simply think Bible prophecy is a tool of deception in their hands.

Although one of the principles of the secret government is to instigate wars to control the people, the economy, finances, populations, even religions, this may be the beginning of the religious war of Armageddon.

So if it is true that these diabolical plotters within the secret government are actually initiating this sinister plan, then the people must be warned. It seems certain that they are trying to instigate a New World Order through the secret governments in various nations, whether they are trying to duplicate Bible prophecies to instigate this or not. We can keep our eyes open for any signs of such conspiracies, just in case it's true. Whether they use the Armageddon Plan, or the annihilation of nations scenario, or some other means of manipulating the people, let's just stay "tuned."

On the other hand, if these crazy ideas of secret factions duplicating Bible prophecy to control and scare people is just another crack-pot conspiracy theory, then let's just shake our heads and let out a big hefty sigh of annoyance.

But then again, what if it's all true?

However, I believe there's one thing this covert global conglomerate can't duplicate, not very easily. And this would be a pretty big sign of the definite End Times, even if they could fabricate and orchestrate the other scenarios. And what is it?

The Rapture. If countless millions of people simply vanished from the face of the Earth, which many Christians believe will occur, that would be a pretty huge David Copperfield stage act! If the secret government pulls that grand illusion off, perhaps we are doomed.

Personally, I don't think they can pull it off. I think there's too many holes and problems in such an Armageddon Plan.

But, on the other hand, if this whole prophecy scenario does manifest as the Fundamentalists imagine it will, then no secret government can control it. It will be in God's hands then. What will be, will be.

Once again, if the Antichrist is real, he will create his own one world government.

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Part Six: In Conclusion

Many people will claim there's overwhelming evidence regarding the existence of a secret government which is planning the New World Order. I say, yes, there's certainly overwhelming evidence that such conspiracy theories are running rampant. But amidst all of them, are there some grains of truth?

There are so many conspiracy theories regarding a secret government and a New World Order, and these ideas go back several centuries, although it's possible that it's all a huge fabrication of a bunch of conspiring nut-jobs. Or this supposedly delusional outlook just might be what the real secret government hopes will confuse we the people. With no absolute evidence one way or the other, that's all we're left with: confusion.

What do I really think? Everything I've researched on these matters only suggests the possibility of a diabolical secret government implementing world domination, which just could be the makeshift makings of badly connected dots. But there's no blatant solid evidence to any of this. It is true that several covert groups exist, oddly interconnected, like the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg group, Skull and Bones, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Federal Reserve, and others, and many researchers heartily claim they all conspire to control the governments of various nations, financially, economically, politically, religiously, and aim it all toward a New World Order - with the master conspirators in charge.

Regarding the manipulation of Bible prophecy by such secret factions, they may be trying to instigate this, or some kind of Armageddon type war, but I seriously think it's all in vain. Or all just conspiracy bunk. I don't take the literalist view of the prophecies anyway.

All I can say is, these radical possibilities are all too conceivable, and if a network of secret factions forming a world wide secret government does NOT exist that is causing all this controlled calamity, then it seems possible that it may form someday soon. But I hope not.

To sum it up, I just ask people to keep their eyes open, and watch for the signs of the times.

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