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The Enigma of the Mysterious Men in Black

Part One

Alright folks! They say the truth is out there! But I say the truth is right here in this article! Or so I pretentiously imagine. So let's get right down to it and asked the number one question:

Who and what are the real Men in Black?

They are Shadow Men, Dark Strangers, Ominous Visitors, Sinister Intruders, the Silencers -- and yes! -- Men in Black! Call them what you will! Forget about Agents J and K in that heretical the Men in Black movie and its silly sequel; these flicks are sheer fantasy, if not insults upon the genuine MIB mythology. In fact, those two movies were probably part of yet another grand cover-up, creating misdirection and misinformation for misguided gullible people like us, so that we will believe these strange dark men are actually heroic figures, saving us from evil aliens and invaders. But this kind of hoopla is simply something out of science-fiction and not even remotely real. Remember, the government covers up the cover-up, and then all that is covered up again, so that we don't know what is really being covered up anymore! It's all swept under the carpet! Which should make us kind of suspicious about that odd lumpy carpet -- eh? So the real questions are: Who are they? What are they doing here? Where do they come from? Another world? Another time? Another dimension? Are these mysterious men in black products of science-fiction or science fact? Or do they fall in the cracks somewhere in between? Slipping through the cracks and crevices, down to some dismal abyss out of sight and out of mind. And if there are Men in Black, are there also Men in White? Of course there are! And they're coming to take me away-ha-ha! And, above all: are there Women in Black? If it's true that women will always continue to be a mystery to men, obviously women in black are a thousand times more mysterious! Bottom line: Men in Black do in fact exist -- at least that's my gullible contention. They're out there! And so is the truth! It's out there too! And they're hiding it from us! Trust no one! Not them! Not you! Not even me! Because I probably don't know what I'm freaking talking about!

Okay, folks, ever since that harmless weather balloon (HA!) crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, there was a gigantic explosion of UFO sightings all over the world! Everyone was seeing flying saucers everywhere and everyone was being abducted by aliens! (Don't mind me, I'm just attempting to incite a riot of dramatic effect here.) Then suddenly the mysterious Shadow Men were seen lurking around UFO eyewitnesses' doorsteps to shut them up, to silence them, threatening cruel punishment if they parted their tender lips to the Press, Police, FBI, NSA, CIA, IBM, KFC, anyone and everyone who would listen! The insidious Men in Black have been perpetrating a major conspiracy of epileptic proportions, initiating countless cover-ups to conceal their diabolical agenda! There's no room for conspiratorial theory here, just outright pulling the wool over innocent people's eyes. These insidious intruders instigate the concealment of dark secrets, raw facts, and debilitating data, so people will remain in the dark. But why? What's so frightening? What's out there anyway? Monsters under the bed? The Bogeyman? Santa Claus in the nude? I dunno -- I'm still trying to figure that out myself.

Hollywood has glorified these ominously sinister Dark Intruders -- but it's a romantic ruse that is deceiving people who just want to know what the heck's going on behind closed doors. The amusing Men in Black movies may hold minuscule grains of truth, but not much, because they're filled with impossible outworldishly fantastic boat-loads of ridiculous gobbledygook. That's not to say I didn't enjoy them, because I did -- immensely! But I had to just keep in mind that I was observing sheer fantasy, in contrast to the actual facts that I knew concerning the real Men in Black mythology -- or notions that are as close to actual factual facts as remotely ambiguously possible, or at least counterfeit facsimiles thereof. This On the other hand, my left hand in fact, the extravagant sci-fi chiller thriller flick called The Shadow Men is closer to the mark - somewhat vaguely at any rate. At least it urges you to reluctantly ask hypothetical questions, such as: "Why are they just men, and wearing only black? Are any of them cross-dressers wearing black dresses?" But more importantly you will ask, "Where's all the Women in Black?" I'd say, probably at funerals. And you'll probably ask, "Why do they wear those ominous dark shades? And what's behind them? Big black bug eyes? Red eyes? Cat's eyes? No eyes? What?!"There are numerous blatantly conflicting reports on this (even in my own personal notes) -- which means that nobody really knows anything.

Here's more quagmire-drenched inquiries: Are they only night-dwellers? Are they sensitive to sunlight? Do these sinister creatures live only in darkness? Are they afraid of the light? Are they satanic cultists? Who are they? What are they? And what are they doing here? Why are they threatening and shutting people up? What are they covering up? Yes, we know there are UFOs and aliens out there, so what are they doing here? Are they planning an invasion of the Earth and so they're hiding that little dark secret from us? Alright, it's just a theory so far, but I think I'm on to something here. I'm getting closer and closer, day by day, in my not so futile effort of unearthing the truth about what on Earth is happening around here -- and what's really happening out there -- up in the sky and out in space in particular where the UFOs seem to be coming from. What the explanations of these unexplained phenomenon are, I don't know yet. But I'm definitely getting closer. You see, I don't have a whole lot of answers. But mostly I have a million more questions. Such as, do they have some kind of cosmic suggestion box where I can drop all my millions of questions?

And let's not forget: If the truth is really out there, where the heck is it?

Part Two

Alright, folks, in that last entry I was simply waxing a tad facetious, or perhaps even ludicrous, with all that mindless drivel. The truth is, I have done some serious research on the subject, although not quite as exhaustive as I would like. So let's get to the bottom of the matter. Do Men in Black really exist, or are they the product of our wildly vivid imaginations? Is there any real evidence out there?  Of all the recorded accounts concerning UFOs and Men in Black, I'm sure many of them are either hoaxes or just wild tales, but I do believe some of them may be genuine. I have been reading a book called, The Truth Behind Men in Black, by Jenny Randles, who has been investigating these strange phenomena for many years now. She has talked with countless individuals who have had UFO sightings and related phenomena, which opened them up for MIB encounters. Most of these eyewitnesses kept quiet for several years before they mustered up enough courage to revealed their stories, but with great reluctance, because the frightening dark-suited men scared them just enough to shut them up. This MIB phenomenon has taken place not only in the United States, but also in Australia and Great Britain. So it's absurd to think that this whole MIB phenomenon is simply an American hoax, since it is occurring elsewhere, and there are countless cases throughout Great Britain, incidentally, where Jenny Randles hails from. She also claims there is a global spread of this phenomenon. Conspiracy theorists have claimed that the MIB could be anything from covert government agents to alien/human hybrids. I disagree with the latter; sounds too much like science-fiction malarkey. But Jenny Randles says that the MIB could be "the product of a covert operation on the fringes of government study into UFOs." But she also states that this theory even poses big questions. She goes on to say, "Why would any government act in this way, particularly given the bizarre nature of many of the MIB stories? Where do these visitors come from, given that the official line of all major powers is that they categorically do not send investigators to frighten witnesses? What is the purpose of the MIB activities -- from simple threats to impersonation and even theft of evidence such as films and tapes?"

Okay, point taken. It would make sense, even to a typical skeptic, that if there was any truth to the MIB activities, it would most likely be government agents silencing people, because the US and British governments are still trying to cover up the whole UFO phenomenon. But even if this was true, why would these government agents literally harass people and threaten them, scaring them into submission, to where these innocents literally remain quiet for many years? It doesn't make sense, unless these governments are corrupt themselves. But wouldn't it be treasonous for me to accuse our government of being corrupt? Except that we have the freedom and the right to speak our minds in this great country of ours -- or so we assume, or is that right being violated? Alright, just to be on the safe side, I'll declare that our government is not corrupt -- perhaps just a little bit misguided.

So if the government is somehow involved with the creation of the MIB, or if it is a covert operation sanctioned by the government, then they are legally harassing, threatening, and silencing witnesses of UFO phenomenon, and violating our rights. Yep, a tad misguided. Here's another angle which may explain things. If the MIB are a covert operation, not connected to our regular known government, could they be part of an invisible secret government? Is the known government an exterior prop or figurehead? And are our government leaders just puppets, and if so, who is really pulling the strings? Obviously, this is just another wild conspiracy theory -- or is it? So these insidious Silencers couldn't possibly be part of some legitimate government I don't think, or is it naïve to think our government wouldn't stoop that low and be this corrupt? If the MIB have no connection with the government, then perhaps it's not as misguided as I thought. Phew! Off the hook! And yet I disbelieve the MIBs are alien/human hybrids, or even aliens in disguise posing as dark-suited humans. But I could be wrong. Although many cases claim these Men in Black appeared very awkward in speech and mannerisms, and they even looked peculiar, not quite human.

Quite often these MIBs would confiscate film footage, photographs, or videotapes that the witnesses had possession of, or any kind of evidence whatsoever. If you ever watched The X-Files, you will recall the government was always several steps ahead of Special Agent Fox Mulder; who would get so close that they would always make sure the evidence had disappeared, quite often right under his nose, so he was unable to report anything substantial to his superiors. He was always made to look like a ridiculous, fanatical crackpot. And this pretty much typifies what happens to UFO investigators and eyewitnesses of UFOs alike. It's all part of the great cover-up. Is there anything that we the public can do about it? Yes! Write audacious articles about the subject. That's all I can do.

The Truth Behind Men in Black, by Jenny Randles
The Day After Roswell, by Col. Philip J. Corso
UFO Evidence:
Men in Black in Wikipedia:

Part Three

I wonder, how do they know whether or not you've had a UFO sighting, an alien encounter, or if you've been abduction? And how do they find out so fast? Yes, sometimes these eyewitnesses blab to others, but there are many that keep quiet, who are too freaked-out to attract attention to themselves. Something or someone scared them senseless. The UFO investigators have a hard enough time finding these people, so it makes you wonder how quickly the MIBs locate these individuals, likewise they and know all about their specific cases and details of their personal lives in advance.

Are they psychic or telepathic? Or do they have some kind of advance spy technology that allows them to keep an eye on anyone and everyone that inadvertently experience these extracurricular events? Furthermore, if these are simply government agents, is it plausible that they wield such psychic abilities enabling them to zero in on witnesses of these sightings or victims of alien abductions? It just doesn't add up. Clearly, extraterrestrials would possess these advanced abilities, but does that mean that these MIBs are aliens -- or even alien/human hybrids? Let's not discount the equation that psychic abilities are innate in human beings, because I emphatically believe that all humans have psychic potential, but most of us just don't use it as we should. So how could we expect government agents to be this acutely psychic or telepathic? Or as I suggested, they could have advanced spy technology. All of these possibilities are just speculation, and there is no absolute proof one way or the other. Precisely how are victims being harassed by these venomous visitors? There have been reports that these ominous strangers have hypnotic abilities, can read people's minds, can subdue their victim into a tranquil state and convincing them to discuss everything about their incident. And then afterwards, when the witnesses snapped out of it, like coming out of a trance, they couldn't figure out why they were so receptive to these dark strangers whom they would normally not even allow into their houses. Other reports have suggested that they can cause hallucinations or enter their victim's dreams. Some reports suggest they have tapped the phone lines of victims and intercepted their mail, and even physically assaulted them or used firearms against them, if not to kill them then to frighten them. Other claims declared that witnesses were captured and taken to mysterious locations where they were bodily threatened and forced to keep silent about their UFO encounter or such phenomena. Alright, folks, are these actual accounts or just wild stories? The lines of fact and fiction are often blurred in these cases. Exactly who or what are these strange dark-suited strangers who stealthily scurrying around at large, harassing eyewitnesses of extraterrestrial phenomena? Where do they come from and what is their origin? We can't be sure that they are completely human, nor do we know whether or not their origin is alien. They could literally be secret agents working for the government, or even for the extraterrestrials.

The Truth Behind Man in Black, by Jenny Randles
Men in Black in Wikipedia:

Part Four

There is the possibility that the extraterrestrials have recruited (if not abducted) specific human beings, those with a certain aptitude and character their mission would require. Although it's possible some could be willing abductees, it would be more likely that they were convinced were brainwashed. Then they would be trained in psychic abilities and other areas of expertise (such as cruel harassment). They would need to have little or no conscience, be able to treat victims as objects and not living beings, and they would have no real feelings, except the feeling of pleasure in frightening and tormenting others. These traits would seem to be necessary, because if they had any misgivings or regrets in the manner in which they treat people, they would obviously make lousy agents and would be washed out very soon. But once they're training is completed, they would be sent back in our midst to do their masters' dirty work. Also they could have been trained in operating alien spy technology.

The other possibility is that these ominous Dark Intruders are alien/human hybrids -- which I disbelieve, because it makes me frown horribly into a nasty grimace, probably imitating some nasty alien's face. But let's speculate, and entertain this daring yet ludicrous notion. A typical Man in Black has the best of both world, Earth and Whateverworld (a good enough moniker since we don't know where they come from), so they can act and look and talk human but internally be totally alien. But how would these hybrids come to exist? There have been rumors that women were abducted and artificially inseminated with alien seed. Then she would give birth to a typical hybrid into the world. Perhaps this is how the sinister extraterrestrials create Men in Black, ominous protectors of their alien masters' very presence in this world and all of their secret agendas. Hmmm. Sounds like science fiction.

It's quite possible that there is a definite connection between MIBs and the mysterious Majestic 12, sanctioned by the US government of course. This was an ultra top-secret group of scientists and military personnel formed in 1947, by the order of President Harry S. Truman. Its initial task was to investigate the UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico, or any other UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena for years to come. Although part of their job was to investigate and cover up UFO events, Majestic 12 itself was covered up, since the government denies its existence. Considering an important aspect of their job was to hide the truth about UFOs to the public, it makes a lot of sense that they could have been behind the formation of Men in Black, whose mission was to silence UFO eyewitnesses. So essentially, this would mean that Majestic 12 and the Men in Black are one and the same. But this is just another theory, but pretty plausible, if you ask me. Victims have relayed their descriptions of these mysterious intimidators, many of which are very similar, although there are some inconsistencies. What these sinister strangers have in common are the black suits, black automobiles, arriving in threes, and their aggressiveness and coercive nature. Some of the inconsistencies are that some victims claimed they have racial appearances, such as East Indian or Oriental; some say they speak with foreign accents, and others say their English is plain yet awkward; others report that they appear to have brown or tanned skin, yet others say they have pasty white skin. So, what is really going on here, considering all these varying discrepancies? This could either mean the victims are saying what they want to see, or fabricating what they see, are entirely making their stories up. Or it could mean these Men in Black come from different backgrounds and appear differently to different people. Either way, I believe it's all part of the government cover-up. Also some people have suggested that the MIBs could be "paraphysical" or "interdimensional" beings. Essentially this would simply mean that they come from a totally different dimension from that of our own, and that they travel through a space-time continuum and then step through a mysterious portal into our earthly dimension. But since they drive black Cadillacs and such, they would drive through such a vortex, and there are some quite vague reports that say these vehicles have appeared from nowhere and then just as mysteriously disappeared back into nowhere, or so some victims claimed. Yikes! I think someone's been watching the Sci-Fi Channel a little too much! Alright, folks, here's the rundown; I'll give you several outrageous theories on who the MIBs might be:
     1. Pretenders or practical jokers masquerading as the so-called MIBs, whether supported by the government or just independent parties
     2. Covert government agents, or the military, and possibly connected to Majestic 12
     3. Alien/human hybrids (yeah right!)
     4. Humans recruited by aliens to do their dirty work
     5. Aliens disguised as humans
     6. Beings from another dimension
     7. Beings from the future, whether alien or human

So, what's with the black suits and the black hats and the dark shades and the black sedans and the strange mannerisms? Are these half-human/half-alien beings? Or are they government agents masquerading as strange mysterious characters in order to fool us, and even purposely creating the whole MIB myth?

The Truth Behind Man in Black, by Jenny Randles
Men in Black in Wikipedia:

Part Five

What is the bare naked truth behind the Men in Black? Will we ever find out for sure? There is one idea that the whole MIB myth was created by the government, so that people would speak of these mysterious intimidators and their bizarre activities, their strange appearance and weird mannerisms, just so that the witness would appear pretty ridiculous, and in turn their UFO experiences would sound equally ridiculous when told to others. This is very possible, and as good a theory as any other. Although these government masqueraders may be out to perpetrate this bizarre delusion, they are simultaneously succeeding at silencing most of the eyewitnesses of UFO phenomena. But when these people do speak out, they quite often appear as overly imaginative crackpots, which the government depends on.

Threats and Harassment

Mostly common ordinary people who have experienced UFO sightings or alien encounters have been pursued by the dark intruders. But even UFO investigators have been approached by MIBs and silenced, because the dark ones have threatened these researchers in order to seize their studies and investigations of the UFO phenomena. Clearly, the MIBs are suppressing these UFO investigators just in case they might uncover something -- but what?

Just what kind of threats have the MIBs imposed on people? And were they intentional or just empty threats? One report stated that the MIBs threatened a witness that he would be sent to prison for treason if he didn't comply. Sometimes they would act overly aggressive, but often they would just give ambiguous threats. But quite often, simply by the power and authority that they exuded, this seemed to be enough to scare the people to keep silent, and this may have been due to the MIBs hypnotic abilities. Sometimes they would bark some empty "or else!" threat and that would be enough to silence them. Although there were numerous such empty threats, more than likely it was the hypnotic spell they cast on their victims that subdued them into a state of fright which caused them to be silenced. Usually the frightened ones would never hear from these mysterious intruders again, but since it took several years for many of them to finally speak out, perhaps it took the mesmeric spell this long to finally fade off.

Government Secrets

Actually, it's not too hard to believe the government would be involved with bizarre covert operations. In the mid-50s government experiments were conducted where minimal levels of radiation were released upon unsuspecting US citizens, supposedly for the benefit of medical knowledge, but clever cover-ups were initiated to hide the horrifying facts of these inhumane endeavors. Plus there have been the testing of nuclear weapons in supposedly remote locations where wandering people have been exposed. Not to mention that the government has assisted foreign factions that ended up becoming terrorists. So it's not really hard to believe the government could send mysterious agents to harass and silence eyewitnesses of various forms of UFO related phenomena. But why all the silencing and the cover-ups? Although I addressed this to some degree in earlier segments, particularly the Roswell incident, you may never have a complete answer, only vague ideas and cloudy speculations. But it makes you think that something pretty big is being concealed by various governments, such as the US, Great Britain, Australia in particular, if they have to go to extreme measures to silence witnesses. But then what information that is allowed to be released, through controlled disclosures, is conducted very carefully. When you realize how ridiculous some of the information is we hear, it tends to makes a lot of people skeptical: little green men, invaders from Mars, a freaky looking alien shaking the hand of the President, women becoming pregnant after alien abductions, even ominous Men in Black coming to your door to scare you to death and shut you up, and other bizarre stories that we could toss in the category of UFO urban legends, which end up in the in the highly questionable tabloids. The government depends on these fabricated ridiculous ideas, which causes skepticism to flourish. I wonder, how many of these crazy ideas were deliberately concocted by the government? Although there is a substantial cult-following of UFO believers, the government has still succeeded at planting seeds of skepticism in the rest of the people.  To take a quote from Col. Philip J. Corso's book, The Day After Roswel , "The cover-up is the disclosure and the disclosure is the cover-up." In order to create an elaborate cover-up, let some of the information leak out to the public and allow it to be exaggerated to the point of becoming ridiculous, because the public, with its wild imagination, is very good at that. Simply consider Hollywood and the wild science-fiction movies and television shows it has created over the years to feed our imaginations even further. Then we say, "None of this is real, it's just fantasy." But, isn't there a grain of truth somewhere amidst all the fantasy? If we can just strip away the wild imagination we have, will we ever see the truth behind all the confusion and cover-ups? Will we ever finally see what's really going on?

The Truth Behind Man in Black, by Jenny Randles
Men in Black in Wikipedia:

Part Six

Have the real Men in Black finally been revealed?

You'll find many fascinating accounts in Jenny Randles' book The Truth Behind Men in Black, many of which I've used as references in this multi-part article. So here's one last account that just might blow the lid off the whole Men in Black extravaganza. In fact, Randles states that there is a man who believes he has actually uncovered exactly who these mysterious MIBs are, at least the faction that is in the United States. Bill Moore is a UFO researcher who claims that he has somehow penetrated the Pentagon and other sources as well, plus he has searched through evidence that has been disclosed by the USA's Freedom of Information Act, although I'm sure the highest levels of information were not disclosed. The government would never cut its own throat like that. Nevertheless, he believes that the government took on the elaborate guise of the Men in Black in order to proceed with their nefarious actions. He uncovered that there existed a covert unit that continually covered its tracks by changing its name and often its location, at least since the early 1950s. On the surface, what may appear to have been several different branches of the government that were created and then later discontinued, over the last several decades, may have actually been only one group that was persevered through several incarnations, a covert group which was quite possibly what we call Men in Black. According to Bill Moore, its first incarnation begin around 1950 or so, first called the 1006th Intelligence Squadron. In 1959 it used the cover name of 1127th Field Activities Group. Then in the latter half of the 1970s it went through another transformation and became the 7602 Air Intelligence Group. Finally, in 1983 it was known as the AFSAC, or Air Force Special Activities Center. Currently, this division is still functioning and is under the command of the Air Force Intelligence faction at Kelly Air Force Base in Texas. Bill Moore reports that this group essentially collects or confiscates intelligence and evidence from obvious witnesses of UFO and related phenomena, usually by coercion, hence via covert means, as opposed to more mainstream methods such as by electronic sources or research from hardcopy material. Evidently, agents from the AFSAC, or its other names it has used over the years, disguise themselves as ominous dark-clad men to harass these witnesses into turning over any evidence and then by threatening them, they keep silent. Certain evidence states that these agents travel in threes, which corroborates with similar reports.

The eccentric and awkward nature of these mysterious Silencers, perhaps something out of comic books or science-fiction movies, was obviously intentional, so that if witnesses ever spoke about them, others would perceive them is sheer crackpots, hence debunking their claims as eyewitnesses of any UFO phenomena. And that's another ingenious factor of the US government's UFO cover-up. This makes sense because Bill Moore also purports that the AFSAC commonly recruited unusual people, anywhere from burglars to ex-cons, and masters of disguise, and all sorts of odd characters from all over the country, then trained to do the dirty work of this covert agency.  But what I find really interesting is, as Bill Moore says, that the AFSAC didn't just concoct this clever charade to hassle people on their own -- they borrowed these bizarre ideas from another source. That's right, folks! From the beginning they were inspired by strange reports of mysterious men wearing black, particularly in the days following the 1947 Roswell incident, especially into the 1950s. He also says that the AFSAC had nothing to do with these earlier incidences, but that they were merely using these rumored accounts as ideas for their own agenda to send men out in strange disguises to intimidate people. So if the AFSAC, and its other incarnations and counterpart agencies in other countries, such as Great Britain and Australia, was essentially a second generation Men in Black, or merely copycats, then exactly who were these earlier original dark-suited intruders that government men later merely imitated? So we still have a big mystery here, and it keeps evading us. These original Men in Black couldn't have been hallucinations if numerous witnesses were approached by them. They couldn't have been mere fabrications if what the various witnesses reported were clear consistencies: dark-suited men with dark glasses usually, often wearing outdated clothing, driving up in black sedans, coming in teams of three, with unusual mannerisms and awkward ways of speaking, and so on.

Another interesting fact is that both Great Britain and the USA, and even Australia, have similar government units that may be cover operations for Men in Black. While Great Britain has such outfits as DSTI (Directorate of Scientific and Technical Intelligence, as Jenny Randles suggests), and DI 55 (a defense intelligence department), then the USA has the AFSAC. Also, these secret facilities are clearly where high-level files are concealed by top security management so that the public cannot access them. Only low-level information over the years has been released, and this is usually items that we hear from witnesses anyway. So in my opinion, these agencies aren't giving us any new data. I would like to know if anyone has ever had the guts to fight back at these mysterious intruders or to capture one or more of them. And have there been any defectors of this covert government operation, if that's what it is? That is, covert agents or recruitees who began to realize that what they were doing to innocent people was totally inappropriate and unconstitutional, and then decided to quit this covert operation, to either go public with the classified information, or to totally disappear for safety sake, lest his fellow agents try to stop him. I haven't heard anything like this personally, but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened, because perhaps these Silencers will even silence their own if they get out of hand or try to disclose top-secret information to the public. Incidentally, with this very idea in mind, I have written a story called "Renegade from the Shadows," and you can find it listed on my web page, R. R. Stark's Strange and Curious Stories, if you go to the appropriate link.

So, have we really learned anything new here? Or are we left with the same old questions as before, and are there any new questions? I would sure like to hear some new answers for a change. The way I see it, the more I research the Men in Black mythology, it seems there are always far more questions than there are answers. Isn't that the typical pattern with all conspiracies and cover-ups?

The Truth Behind the Men in Black, by Jenny Randles
The Day After Roswell, by Col. Philip J. Corso
UFO Evidence:
Men in Black in Wikipedia:

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