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My Alien Encounter
January 26, 2007

Okay folks, it's time for me to get down and personal. However, considering the last entry, you might rank me along side those other two loonies I previously discussed, but it's a risk I'm daring to take. But I bring this experience up to demonstrate that I am more than just an outside observer of these types of phenomenon. I'm sure everyone has had some kind of bizarre experience they just don't normally tell people. I know I've had my share of them, but many of them are still secrets I've kept from the world at large. Many of them were mystical experiences of a very spiritual nature, to which I've shared with only a few others, but only certain individuals I could confide in. But the particular experience I'm about to relay is completely different and otherworldly then these others I've had.

First, let me say that there is a big difference between your imagination, which is internal, and something extra-phenomenal imposed upon you, or external. The experience that I had could not have been my imagination; I think I know myself better than that. And I don't take hallucinogenic drugs or any other kind of wacked-out drugs, so you can discount that as a factor. It was the distinct impression of something foreign, something outside of my own mind. In fact, it was more of an intrusion upon my personal space.

One ordinary day, sometime in the year 1982, I was reading a particular manuscript copy that a friend had loaned me, and this treatise was supposedly a genuine account, in the first-person form, about a man who had been contacted by extraterrestrials on the mental plane and then proceeded to receive telepathic communications from these benevolent beings, who had been warning him that mankind was on a path toward self-annihilation unless they did something to stop it. Evidently, this man had been chosen as a messenger to warn others, to give forth this message. Sounds like a great idea for a science-fiction novel (one some author has most likely already written), but obviously it was a true message, because we are headed down a dark path of self-destruction due to greed and selfishness and fear and other idiotic emotions and negative traits that are just getting us into too much trouble. Who else but outsiders, like aliens, should come along and warn us? Makes sense to me. Well, there are angels and other celestial beings that have been warning us, or kicking us in the butts, so let's not forget them.

Anyway, the account was very intriguing and believable, although I was still skeptical about its authenticity. I have a tendency to overanalyze things when I am researching or investigating such things. Or just leisurely reading something fascinating -- like this. Although it was a fascinating read, as far as I had gotten in it, I began wondering whether or not this was just fiction, however claiming to be the genuine article. My doubts had been totally expunged when something quite eerie occurred. You see, I was sitting in my chair, totally engrossed in absorbing this manuscript, not letting anything distract me, when I had the distinct feeling that someone was watching me, and I think many of you know that feeling. I found myself looking up toward the ceiling, and a little bit too my left, and I beheld the most bizarre entity imaginable! But only for a few seconds, and then it vanished! It was one of those goosebumps and hairs prickling on the back of your neck sensations, or to put it more bluntly, being totally creeped-out! It's even difficult to describe exactly what this eerie being looked like, and reflecting back to when it happened, around 1982, I can't help but think I still witnessed something beyond my own imagination. I would have to say that it was almost insect-like, with six or eight legs perhaps, with some kind of bulbous head, and I seem to remember its colors were red, blue, and purple. As far as I can figure, I didn't think this was a physical manifestation. I believe it was somehow manifesting on the mental plane, or perhaps even on the psychic plane, but I'm really not sure; but I've speculated over this for many years, and I still doubt that it had appeared in the physical plane. But perhaps it had projected a mental image of itself, or even a holographic image, into my consciousness. Perhaps similar to how the man in the manuscript may have received them, since the whole communication was telepathic, and this can involve images as well.

I don't know what this creature was, whether it was extraterrestrial, extradimensional, or what. I frankly don't know. And why it appeared while I was reading this book about a man receiving telepathic communications from aliens, I don't know that either. I have no answers and many questions.

At the time I decided that this was not one of those experiences you just tell anybody or everybody, but the kind you shut up about, just in case someone decides to lock you up at Bellevue. However, several years later, I did tell someone that I thought was a friend who might understand. She listened carefully, but she was laughing and taking it too lightly, pretty much humoring me. After that, I went back to shutting up about it. Until recently when I told my best friend, Leroy, whom I've known since Fourth Grade, and thankfully, he seemed to be receptive and didn't think I was crazy, and after telling him, this is when I decided to relate the experience in this blog. Now, I'm sure this little alien experience pales in comparison with the type that others have experienced, genuine close encounters of various kinds, but I hope I'm at least in the same ballpark with them, even if that means I'm in the distant outfield. But then, if you're too far out field, the men in the white coats come and take you a way! Or if they don't, the aliens will!

Now, think what you will, because I've laid my cards out on the table now. This is my Truth or Dare -- but I dared to tell the truth at all costs. Believe it or not.

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