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Government Conspiracies and Cover-ups of Corruption

Part One: The Illusion of Freedom

Should I dare say the government has instigated too many cover-ups and conspiracies? And dare I say the government has lied to us too many times? And would it be political blasphemy to say that the government is severely corrupt? Dare I remind you that we have the right and the freedom of speech? Certain factions seem to think we don't. They would rather that we shut our big fat mouths. But I think the world needs a few whistleblowers and conspiracy theorists now and then, to keep stirring the pot, to keep things hopping, and to keep our government on its toes. Otherwise it will slip into deeper darkness of corruption -- but I'm afraid it's too lat now. Our government is burying itself beneath tons of cover-ups and conspiracies and propaganda, and I think it's going to suffocate itself someday. But it continues to foolishly attempt to hoodwink and bamboozle us.

We the public are not that stupid. We are not that na´ve. At least a lot of us aren't fooled by the corruption taking place. We know the government has been concealing vital information from us. We know they're hiding the facts from us. They believe it's for our own good. But one of the tragic realities that has developed is the dumbing down of society, or perhaps you could call it the damming up of the people, suppressing the people, and oppressing the people. We're being fed lies and propaganda through the media and we're swallowing it all whole. We've been programmed and brainwashed too long now, being told everything's hunky-dory, that circumstances aren't as bad as they seem, or that matters are getting better because we live in a great nation, the world's greatest superpower that'll fix other countries' problems!

Yeah right . . .

Then why doesn't it fix its own problems first? Huh?

Do we have any real freedom anymore? We currently live in a country that is fast becoming oppressed. We are told we live in a free country, but this is another lie. Big Brother is watching us and restricting our actions, more and more each day. The frog in the pot is being slowly boiled to death, and doesn't even notice it. We're the frog, folks! We are being manipulated, brainwashed, hoodwinked, and boiled alive! And nobody seems to care! So, of course, nobody is doing anything about it! Why are we so lethargic and shrug-shouldered about the corruption taking place? Perhaps we're being poisoned through our water or food, making us docile wimps.

Alright, some of us got the gonads to speak out, to bitch and moan. High-five to us! SLAP!

Freedom has become an illusion. Even the freedom to gripe, bitch, and complain about the wretched state of our nation isn't the "in" thing to do, because we'll get slapped around if we come on too strong. Freedom of speech is being seriously frowned on and may soon be a thing of the past if we don't change it.

Oh, but if we're given too much freedom, this'll lead to anarchy! And anarchy must be suppressed! Right? So the government must control us at all costs.

But the control and manipulation of the people leads to corruption. Because it suspends our freedom.

Part Two: Funny Money and Phony Baloney

Is there a secret dictatorship taking place in our government? Is there even a secret government behind the scenes? I suspect that even the politicians and the president and his cabinet are puppets of a greater faction, or so I strongly believe, from various sources of information I have gathered. Fact is, the stinking filthy rich rule the nations of the world, those that control the banking industry, those that control money, those who create money that has no substance, called fiat money. In reality this is money with no intrinsic value of its own. Because our nation has been off the gold standard since 1935. The government puts various numerical denominations and fancy symbols and phrases and dead presidents' faces on the bills to give them value -- false value, that is -- and the people's blind faith keeps the process going. The government authorizes this so-called "value" and expects us to accept this phony money, which has no more worth than Monopoly money. Even other nations buy into it! The mighty dollar is supreme! But not for long, folks!

The value of the dollar decreases every time the government allows more fiat money to be printed, so inflation develops, and small wonder we're in a recession, folks. Likewise as we pay other nations off with our devalued money, they're not going to be duped any longer. We can't fool them for long.
The US National Debt is approximately eleven-trillion dollars, That's a number with fourteen digits in it. Yikes! That's a huge amount, folks! A large percentage of that is owed to foreign countries.

And I don't doubt that many nations owe other nations a lot of dough as well. They all owe each other essentially! It's quite possible that the whole world is so far in debt with itself, that there's not enough money to repay itself -- unless it manufactures more -- that is, more Monopoly money to distribute to the gullible masses of various nations.

Have you ever played the game of Monopoly? If you live in this world, you do already!
I'm wondering if someday our government will go to one of our big debtors, say China, after cranking out a couple trillion dollars, and handing it to them toward paying off our debt, and they might say to us, "Sorry, your money is no good to us. It's not valid anymore." Then we'd really be screwed! I hear China is already raising their eyebrows about our dire situation.

So if our money is not valid anymore, this could cause total chaos across the world. Although our country has been off the gold standard over seventy years, it seems to be sheer belief in American paper currency that perpetuates its supposed validity - supported by government authority, of course. This is a form of corruption that the duped people are swallowing whole -- hook, line, and stinker.

Let's use the analogy that you and several others are playing a game of poker at a particular reputable casino, and every player has poker chips representing different denominations, like $10, $20, $50, $100, etc. Pretty soon you're playing a game that gets into the hundreds and thousands of actual dollars, but only using chips representing those higher denominations. There are tons of plastic chips, and so you keep playing until millions of dollars are at stake. Then suddenly the manager of the casino comes out and tells your party, "Sorry, but we have no more actual money left to back up your poker chips. Your game was to no avail." The players would be infuriated and most likely chaos would ensue. That's what's going on in this country. That's where our money sits. Several trillions of dollars of it! Down the toilet! It's like we're allowing fraud to legally thrive in our country. Shockingly sad, but horrifically true!

Alien Agenda, by Jim Marrs (from "Take Me to Your Leader")
Hal Lindsey Report:
Anonymous source (cannot reveal)

Part Three: Better Dead than Fed

Should I dare speak of government conspiracies further? Many people fear what has been termed a "New World Order," which would involve an internal government that rules the outer governments of the different nations, a global government overseeing all the nations. The conspiring initiators of such a secret government would consist of the extremely wealthy people across the world.

In our own country, the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, or known as the notorious "Fed," after which paper money being backed by the gold standard became a thing of the past. The Fed is a number of large regional banks supported by the federal government, and it is the central banking system that is now behind our fiat money system, which might as well be "play money" like you use in the old Monopoly game, but it should be illegal counterfeit money. So this most peculiar fiat money is of course meaningless paper currency that has become legally accepted by law according to our government. Yikes! Doesn't that smell of conspiracy and corruption right up front? Are we being blindsided by our own government? Are we being royally duped up the yin-yang?

As more of this phony money is printed out, whether for bail-outs or bonuses or foreign debt-paying or whatever, our inflation will continue to rise. And since the US dollar is not backed by gold or silver anymore, what's backing it? I'll tell you, folks. Several trillions of dollars in IOUs to various foreign governments! That and a blind belief from these countries in the US economic system. Which won't last long, I don't think.

Gold still has value, folks, even though there's not enough of it to support the trillions of dollars the government is idiotically creating. Thankfully there are companies selling you gold, because it's still a precious commodity. But there are also shyster outfits that are trying to hoodwink gullible people to turn in all their gold jewelry or anything gold, for a silly check in the mail! What!?!?!? So you give them the real thing in exchange for the fake thing? How stupid do you think we are!?!?!? If you have gold, folks - hang on to it!

We've been brainwashed to think fiat money has value. Mass hypnosis and manipulation through the media has been implemented to convince us of this. The fancy symbols and cool phrases on our currency attempts to substantiate our blind faith that our phony-baloney money is real and is worth the paper it's printed on -- paper not backed by gold anymore. But my question is, is it not so much that we believe in the all-mighty dollar, but that we accept it because we have no choice, since there's no other system at present?

Bartering anyone? But this would only work if everyone participated. In the meantime, the dollar rules! Even though it's fake. And our government desperately wants us to believe in it.

What happened to our nation by the people, for the people, and of the people? Now we have the government separated from the people, and the government has isolated itself behind closed doors and it continues the scandals, the corruption, the conspiracies, and the propaganda. There are too many things they don't want us to know about.

I consider myself a patriotic citizen of the USA. But unfortunately, it seems our own government strays from our true patriotic path. Our nation was founded on religious freedom, but now it has become a nation of religious suppression. Our country granted every citizen the right of the freedom of speech. Now your rights or your life may be at stake if you express yourself in the wrong way. You will be severely ridiculed for speaking your mind. Our nation has turned itself upside down; right has become wrong and wrong has become right. Whatever our government dishes out, we simply take it, because many of us act like ostriches and put our heads in the sand in fear and trembling.

And why are we just letting it happen? Either we have become indifferent, afraid, or just too ignorant to realize what's going on in this country, and across the whole globe. Is there anyone that has a voice to speak up for the people? I'm trying, and I know there are others out there, but I don't think anyone's listening, let alone caring.

Alien Agenda, by Jim Marrs (from "Take Me to Your Leader")
Anonymous source (cannot reveal)

Part Four: America is Being Hornswoggled!

Isn't it incredibly absurd how far into the hole this nation has gone? It isn't just circling the hideous hole of doom, it's not just sitting on the edge, but it has long since fallen into it. How far back should we go? Let's see, there was the slave industry fiasco, the Civil War debacle, the Great Depression, creation of the Fed, getting off the gold standard, two World Wars, any other wars we got involved with, the next Recession, the printing of truckloads of trillions of phony dollars - need I continue? With the economy in the toilet, it's sloshing around in a lot of crap. I'm already suffocating, gasping for air!

Evidently the falling of the dollar is part of the wealthy globalists' scheme for world domination, as instigated by the elitist global government. We are continually being lied to about how the economy will spring back, that we aren't really in a major recession, just a temporary crises that Obama will fix, and that we can still trust the All-Mighty Dollar.

Listen to this: "As the dollar goes into free fall and the housing market accelerates in sales yet plunges in price, the quickening of an agenda of economic catastrophe allied to the "solution" of predatory globalism and the creation of a North American Union is afoot, and it spells potential disaster for the livelihood of all Americans." (Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones, from "Dollar Fall Is Catalyst For Predatory Global Government")

Furthermore: "Tokyo traders began dumping the greenback and have continued ever since, leading to a situation today where the dollar recently fell to its lowest value in the world market in 15 years."

So the All-Mighty Dollar is fast becoming the wimpy dollar, and more and more countries will be dumping it down the toilet! Why aren't we? We just crank out more play money for our national creditors to play with, as if it's real currency! What a sham! In no time they'll all realize they're just playing a game of Monopoly where you pretend the money is real, then get fed up, knock the board up in the air, and go home. So it's time we wake up in the real world and stop playing games.

Not to mention: "A global crash and a totally devalued dollar that can barely rival the peso spells disaster for all Americans who wish to maintain their standard of living and not find themselves barefoot on the street in a bread queue. But fear not, because the very predatory globalism that caused all this calamity in the first place has yet another answer to our prayers! It's the Amero, the North American currency that will unify the States, Mexico and Canada. . ."

Alright, folks, this reeks of more North American Union spiel that's gonna disintegrate our hard-earned national borders. So I suppose they're a new form of money could tie it all together? Yikes! It's just another trick of creative hornswogglery the sinister globalists want to suck us into. I say the big-wigs are foolish to seriously think creating a new form of play money will really fix things, so I emphatically doubt this Amero will even fly. I think it'll crash and burn before it gets off the ground. I won't believe any of it till pigs sing and the fat lady flies - or some crap like that.

Now let's see what else we can learn: "The Amero would offer a nice umbrella under which to force through the Free Trade Area of the Americas and a North American Union, an "eternal dream of the Rockefeller elite clique"[1] that is seeking to erect a one world government system by first aping the European Union in creating a single currency and trading bloc, again to the devastation of middle class America but to the delight of transnational corporations who can exploit cheap labor while putting millions of Americans out of a job."

Holy mackerel! So not only will neighboring nations be hermetically joined at the hips, all over the planet, but a one world globalist government will run the whole show! What's next -- a world dictator? Tell me it ain't so, Uncle Sam. But this global government is telling us, "Play it again, Sam!" And they're playing with play money for all its worth - which is crap!

We the people are being bamboozled, hoodwinked, hornswoggled, and royally duped in one fell swoop of absurdity! And we're falling for it! Why aren't we outraged? I am!!! And everything I've been saying is just the tip of the iceberg.

You should read the whole eye-popping article[2] at, see for yourself. It fits in perfectly with what I've been saying lately. I only borrowed snippets of it above. Okay, it's a couple years old, but it's still very relevant, and sets the stage for the world fiasco going on now.

[1] eternal dream of the Rockefeller elite clique:
[2]Dollar Fall Is Catalyst For Predatory Global Government:

Part Five: Torture Should Be Intolerable!

Uncle Sam has finally gone too far. There have been countless reports over the years how our own government did unconscionable experimentation on people, in secrecy of course, such as using them in the testing of dangerous drugs, mind alteration and brainwashing, injecting them with lethal bacteria and viruses, to name a few. Now the cat is out of the bag that the US government is allowing the CIA and the military to inflict torture on foreign individuals in order to force vital information from them. This was approved by President Bush when he was in office. But what about past presidents?

Torture is definitely immoral and unconstitutional. But above all, the act of torture is illegal in the United States. But in spite of this, it is still allowed. In fact, due to some fancy-dancy legislation and corrupt loopholes, policymakers, CIA interrogators, and the military are considered above the law, because they can avoid being legally prosecuted. Real slick, Uncle Sam! This opens the door for legal anarchy!

Not only that, but George W. Bush was above the law too, when he allowed torture during his reign of power, but he insisted it wasn't called that, because he simply called it "enhanced interrogation techniques." Yeah, so simple, it gets a complicated monicker. But at first it was top-secret that he approved of torture, until the cat was let out of the bag. Now people are squawking. Of course, many supporters of torture say the techniques used aren't actually qualified as torture, like waterboarding. But isn't anything that inflicts pain considered torture? Duh!

So torture may be "technically" illegal in the US, but it's allowed regardless, especially with the presidential seal of approval on it. The law must mean nothing anymore. Alright, folks, are we no better than terrorists? Or have we become terrorists ourselves? Since Bush's regime, other countries have indeed called Americans terrorists in their own right. The US government believes it's too important to get vital information, so torture is viewed as just a means to an end.

The government began acquiring torture techniques from our enemies, so that our soldiers will be familiar with them in case they are captured and must learn to endure such torture. But then the government decided to allow these torture techniques to be used on our own captured enemies.

What if we went too far and ended up torturing our own people? What if one of our own citizens was accused of treason, or perhaps committing various crimes? What if some law enforcement agency retained a citizen so that they could force the person to confess certain information? Would we use torture on them to get what we want? How low would we stoop? Alright, I have heard that the police will brutalize detained individuals to force information from them. This is torture, and evidently they get away with it. So, yes, torture is being used in our nation behind closed doors! And who knows exactly how long our government has been clandestinely allowing torture. The truth is coming out and we the public should be outraged!

The government justifies torture of foreigners, whether they be of Middle Eastern descent or whatever, as if they were soulless creatures. Would we treat our own citizens this way? Actually, it doesn't matter if they are foreigners or US citizens, torture should never be even considered! But it is a fact that concerned parties did ask the government if they would indeed consider torturing our own citizens if it thought it was necessary. The government claimed that they were not prepared to answer that question. What does that mean exactly? Why can't the government give us an honest answer instead of vague crap? Because they want the option of torture available to them, as needed, and they don't want to openly admit this to us. Why? Are they ashamed? Are they corrupt? Are they committing illegal acts? YES! Oh, but our own US government is above the law. It can break any law it wants to. Hence, as I said, the door to anarchy is all too close at hand.

In the beginning, the government did not release information regarding torture, they kept it a terrible secret, which begs the question, how many years have they been doing this? And how long have they actually allowed the use of torture upon foreigners? Or even our own citizens, if they are getting away with this behind closed doors as well?

The cat is out of the bag now, but the government is still getting away with it. Aren't you outraged? I am! But I have the feeling that a lot of people don't care as much. They would rather ignore the problem and stick their heads in the sand. Why can't we the people initiate a class action suit against the government, declaring that they are committing illegal and immoral acts of torture against human beings, whether they be foreigners or our own? Some activists have spoken out, and I'm one of them. What are we the people going to do about it? The allowing of torture is just one of the many forms of corruption the government has gotten away with. I consider myself a patriotic American citizen, and it's obvious that the US government has lost its true patriotism, and I'm afraid it has lost its heart and soul as well. All it has left is ego, yes, the Big American Ego, which mustn't be bruised or messed with! Or else! Because, after all this egomaniacal nation is the greatest superpower on Earth!


Many activists and concerned people state that torture doesn't always work, especially if military-trained enemies were fully prepared for this. They will eventually be forced to talk, yes, but they won't necessarily tell the truth. They'll lie, feed their tormentors believable untruths. Clearly they have pre-rehearsed lines to say, and a large percentage of the information our government will force from them can't be trusted as valid.

I'm not going to get into the methodology of torture, like waterboarding, electric shock, deprivation of food and water, or sleep deprivation, or flat-out beating a victim bloody, and so forth. The list of methods gets horrifying, so I'm not indulging in this here. Maybe I just don't have the stomach for it. Sorry, folks. I have known individuals that blithely explained to me quite imaginative methods of torture, whether they read about them or fabricated them, I don't know, but it truly takes a sick mind to even think about these things, let alone desiring to try them out, or even taking the next horrible step and doing it. I personally don't entertain ideas of torture. Not my style.

I believe that it's a true principle that what you put out is what you get back. As you give, so shall you receive. As you sew, so shall you reap. Whether you want to call it cause and effect, or karma, retribution, or repercussion, or justice, most religions recognize this as a universal law. What I'm saying is these torturers and tormentors will get a taste of their own medicine, eventually. But if they themselves adhered to this principle wholeheartedly, they would never inflict torture nor harm any human being at all.

I know there are those that say there are evil people out there that deserve to be tortured. There are hostile criminals that deserve what they get. Doesn't this principle of karma take care of them in one form or another? Or do certain people, like Americans, believe they are the arbiters of this process, as if God appointed them to inflict torture upon others? I don't think so!

If there is a secret government, it most likely would sanction torture of its enemies, or anyone it so chooses. And it seems to be a fact that we have enemies in our own midst. There is the old saying from the old Pogo comic strip: "We have found the enemy, and it is us!"

Regarding or own government -- be afraid, folks, be very afraid!

Torture and the United States:
Anonymous source (cannot reveal)

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