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Conspiracies of a Secret Government

Part One: Hidden Agenda

Does an invisible secret government exist in the United States behind the scenes? And does a secret global government operate behind other civilized nations? Are there a number of secret governing bodies across the world working together? Do they make up a global network with one diabolical goal in mind? Exactly what are they plotting and planning? What does their secret agenda consists of?

Does greed and corruption that exist in our nation stem from this shadow government? And how deep is the propaganda that conceals the truth of what diabolical schemes really take place in our nation and other nations?

If there is such a secret government that is acting behind the scenes in the United States, it would seem to follow that such a large covert network operates in other nations as well, functioning as a corporation of groups with a master plan in mind. And if they are all plotting together, if they are all interconnected in a massive network, forming a unified global conglomerate, wouldn't this suggest the instigating of a New World Order? And what exactly is this secret government's plan for a New World Order? And what subsidiary organizations are secretly part of this hidden global governing body?

All these questions usually lead to wild speculations, since the questions themselves are wildly speculative, as well as intimidating - to those who are members of these secret groups they don't want you to know about! But I hope to get to the gory bottom of this whole thing.

There are some speculations that that United Nations, or even the UN building itself, is merely a cover, an exterior form of an interior world government. But surely other countries have secret sites as well. So where would members of the secrets governments meet? Could they be using secret chambers of the UN building itself, or other secret locations across the world? It makes sense they would have to change their meeting places occasionally, just in case some meddling person or group is searching them out. So in these secret meeting chambers, wherever they may be, what plots and schemes do they discuss? Which of their sinister ideas are still waiting to be enacted? And which ones are in the works, in the process of unfolding? And which of their diabolical schemes have been fulfilled already? Did they instigate the two Kennedy assassinations? Or the Martin Luther King Jr. execution? Or the destruction of the World Trade towers on Sept. 11th in 2001?

What caliber of individuals are found in the membership roster of such an invisible global government? Are they all extremely wealthy? Are they all conceited and arrogant? Are they all agnostics or atheists? Or are some of them God-fearing, religious people? Or are they mostly godless, selfish, greedy, corrupt, arrogant bastards with a thirst for world dominance?

Or is all this just radical conjecture? Is this just some dark fantasy and no such mega-group exists? Is this just some crazy yarn spun by demented conspiracy theorists?

It's true that throughout some of the more advanced civilizations, their wealthy leaders desired total control not just over their own land, but that of others. They lusted to be emperors of many kingdoms. Look at the Caesars of Rome, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler. Yes, world domination has been a craving for thousands of years, and in this advanced technological age, it is easier than ever before. Which makes the possibility frighteningly real.

Many reports I've uncovered point to something very ominous occurring in the world today. All the puzzle pieces I've gathered may be wild speculations, conspiracy theories, or actual clues of a real diabolical operation taking place. So it's time to put the cards on the table, folks.

The Bilderberg group fits the profile of being one of these organizations that could be part of this secret government. This unusual group of businessmen, bakers, and politicians meet annually, but at various locations each time in various cities in Europe and sometimes in North America. Many of its American members come from the Council on Foreign Relations, another clandestine group. These secret meetings, it has been purported, not only involves unifying different nations in politics, finances, and economics and establishing legal policies, but are involved with instigating the New World Order. This mysterious group consists of highly wealthy individuals who have great influence in politics and economy and policymaking procedures. It may be one of many interconnected groups that are part of a global secret government. The principal founder of the Bilderberg group, Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands, wrote this statement,"It is difficult to re-educate the people who have been brought up in a nationalism to the idea of relinquishing part of their sovereignty to a supernational body...."[1] You can imagine that this can easily imply the idea of a New World Order. What else would they be inferring?

Various conspiracy theorists have claimed that this secret government consists of the very wealthiest of people who have control over elections, economy, finances, wars, inflation, and religion, to name a few items on their agenda.

I mentioned the Council on Foreign Relations, and this group is yet another major policymaking organization. This group of major financers, bureaucrats, and business executives that dabble in foreign affairs also has the ability to move political and economic mountains. But they are primarily international bankers who are wealthy and powerful enough to orchestrate various ramifications of a New World Order.

Yet another think-tank group that is possibly part of this interconnected elite conglomerate is the Trilateral Commission, which mostly involves representatives from the United States, Japan, and European countries. One of its founding principles involves "an alliance among the world's industrial powers as a basis to global stability."[2] In fact, the creation of this group was most likely inspired by the Bilderberg group, since many individuals are members in both groups. The Trilateral Commission also holds annual conferences in different locations across the world, similar to the Bilderbergers, and again conspiracy theorists claim that it is endeavoring to institute a corporate world order aimed at taking away people's freedoms, where only the very wealthiest of individuals would flourish. However, they seem to operate in conjunction with the other political secret societies that revolve around the secret hidden government. Since each of these groups are international and globalist in nature, and strive for over-all control of the economy, finances, and politics of many different nations, how could they NOT be part of some larger global all-governing body with a diabolical secret agenda?

It shouldn't be odd that members of the Federal Reserve System also belong to the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg group, and most likely other high-powered wealthy organizations, which together form this clandestine umbrella of an invisible government. The reality is these groups are all interconnected. The strong implication is that with the wealth, power, and influence they possess, they could quite tangibly instigate world domination.

Alright, if a secret government didn't exist, some group of rich powerful people would come along regardless to initiate one -- quite possibly. The temptation for a One World Order is too great to ignore, and it's been tried before in the past. Global domination is the greatest material prize in the world. Think about it!

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Part Two: The Harnessing of Absolute Power and Control

Have you ever seen the movie or read the short story called Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut? The story revolves around the dumbing down of society in the near future, which is instigated by an invisible secret government that the ignorant public isn't aware of, and this hidden government is pulling the strings behind the scenes. It is orchestrating the suppression of intelligence in humanity through a headset technology that keeps people at a bear average intelligence, which does not work on one young man named Harrison Bergeron. He is recruited into the secret government because of his higher intelligent, by which he can assist them in their continued manipulation and control of society. But he decides to expose the whole conspiracy to the unsuspecting public, because the people must know the truth. Does he succeed or fail? And what cost does he have to pay? Rent the DVD and see the movie, or read the original story -- then find out for yourself! I'm not going to spoil it for you.

Such a secret government is tied into countless areas of our nation, such as the military, the intelligence community, top levels of government, the banking industry, big business, and even the pharmaceutical and medical fields.

Here is a shocking excerpt from a particular source that speaks for itself:

"The secret 'shadow' government is the large organizational network which operates alongside the officially elected and appointed government of the United States of America. Just as with the official government, the Shadow Government has functional branches. However, unlike the official government, the purpose of the non-executive branches of the Shadow Government is simply to distribute various functions, but not to achieve a system of checks and balances, as was supposed to happen constitutionally between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the U.S. Government. That is because the Shadow Government is a creature of a powerful elite, who need not fear being dominated by an instrument of their own creation. In the Shadow Government five branches may be identified. These branches are: the Executive Branch, the Intelligence Branch, the War Department, the Weapons Industry Branch, and the Financial Department." [1]

If this doesn't clearly outline plans for a New World Order via a hidden government, nothing else could be more convincing.

Also, some conspiracy theorists attribute the secret government to the Masonic Order, otherwise known as the Illuminati. However, throughout history various esoteric or secret societies have been ridiculed and persecuted, being accused of inappropriate behavior and false crimes. In the first several centuries the various Gnostic groups were severely threatened by the Christian Church (which soon became the Roman Catholic Church). Many were tortured to force false confessions from them, but soon they were tried for heresy and then burned at the state. Any individuals going against the doctrine of the Church were either imprisoned or executed. When the Freemasons came along, the Church began persecuting them too. The fact is, any person or any group that seemed to disagree with or defy the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church was considered its enemy and most likely in league with Satan.

Above I said certain conspiracy theorists allege that the Masonic Order is also referred to as the Illuminati, which is supposedly behind the secret government and the New World Order. To clarify a point, the idea that the Freemasons and the Illuminati are one and the same is erroneous. But most likely the idea came from the time when Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati flourished across Europe in the late 18th century. Its founder immediately became initiated into the Masonic Order, and soon after, other Illuminati members began infiltrating into the various Masonic lodges in various countries, especially across Europe, and selecting key Masonic leaders to conduct its work. There were numerous claims that the Freemasons and other secret societies instigated the French Revolution, but there's no real evidence backing this up. Likewise, there were assertions that the Illuminati was the secret inner circle of the whole Masonic Order, conspiring against all religions and governments throughout Europe, aiming at some kind of New World Order plan. But this too sounds pretty outrageous. But was the temptation there for the Illuminati to expand and achieve more, or to even take advantage of other groups, such as the Freemasons?

The following paragraph seems to explain the Illuminati's diabolical designs for the Masonic Order:

"The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation. None is better than the three lower degrees of Free Masonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it. Next to this, the form of a learned or literary society is best suited to our purpose, and had Free Masonry not existed, this cover would have been employed; and it may be much more than a cover, it may be a powerful engine in our hands. By establishing reading societies, and subscription libraries, and taking these under our direction, and supplying them through our labours, we may turn the public mind which way we will." -Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati [2]

These words indeed speak of blatant conspiracy, and of the manipulation of another group to do its diabolical work; in this case, the work of the Illuminati.

Although the Illuminati Order soon folded, or many of its members had secretly gone underground, whether or not the Illuminati influence still thrives in the Masonic Order, or died out, is uncertain. There are speculations, but no real proof. There were documented attempts of its resurgence, or groups claiming to have their origin in the Bavarian Illuminati, or simply using its name, but without any great success.

So if the first members of the Illuminati did continue through the ranks of the Masonic Order, hence discarding their original body, it is conceivably possible that their diabolical plans could have developed for further control of other groups or governments and eventual plans for a New World Order. On the other hand, such rumors of conspiracies have run rampant for centuries, and many people believed them, whether any real evidence backed them up or not.

But the conspiracy theorists always ask, "But what if they are true? What if some of these diabolical rumors are based in reality?"

Will we ever know the truth?

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Part Three: The Cause of Calamity and Corruption

Exactly how corrupt does a secret government have to be, especially if it's truly causing calamity in various nations throughout the world? And how long can its corrupt ways last?

There is the conspiracy theory scare involving the plan of the New World Order to weaken national borders in order to more easily unify the nations of the world. Is there any proof of this? I believe there is. My question is, why is it that Homeland Security isn't very secure? Our borders are not at all secure. Perhaps it's just a figurehead whose function is ineffective. We've got illegal immigrants living in this country, probably in the millions, and the authorities are doing little about it, especially as countless more keep pouring across our borders, particularly from Mexico. Is the secret government behind this? Do they want to eventually erase our borders, rendering them meaningless? And how many Middle Easterners have slipped through as well? And do they make up countless Moslem terrorist cells, ready to act at a moment's notice? Is this casually allowed or even instigated by the secret government?

The idea of a North American Union is swiftly becoming a reality, not unlike the European Union. The borders of Canada and Mexico would either be mere symbolic of falsely independent nations or entirely nonexistent. The idea of a universal currency in the Americas has been seriously considered, just as the Euro now exists in Europe, and the powers that be want to call this money the Amero, which would at least unite the US, Canada, and Mexico monetarily. But is this just another scheme in the greater plan to not only form the North American Union, but also to create a New World Order?

The secret government would have more control if there were no more independent nations, and if they entered an interconnecting commonwealth under one world government, the New World Order would readily be established. I suppose the now defunct United Soviet Socialist Republic could serve as a communistic model for this plan, if they so choose. Just another conspiratorial theory . . .

The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil. I say the control of money is the root of all greed. Greed drives uber-rich elitists to take control of the masses through money.

The Federal Reserve is in charge of our nation's money, so doesn't that mean it's more powerful than the US government? Does that mean these mega-banks control the economy and politics as well as finances? Do they pull the strings? And is the "Fed" just another facet of the whole secret government?

The mega-banks definitely seem to have far more power than the US govt., because money is power and power through politics rules those who we thought were in charge, who are mere puppets. So the big banks are in charge, which means they are behind the secret government. The fact is, when the big banks grow and expand, and become a certain size, they no longer need the ordinary government, except to keep the masses in order. Likewise, the government can't survive without the banking industry. So if the banks ever collapsed, there would be rioting. When the banks are in dire straights, try withdrawing all your money. They won't allow it!

Some conspiracy theorists, such as Jim Marrs, believes a Fourth Reich movement out of Germany could possibly instigate an Aryan-based New World Order. He says they have been laying in wait, since the end of World War II, planning to proliferate their new Nazi regime. I think this is a great fictional idea, but I don't buy it. But I could be wrong.

There are claims that certain evil individuals (elitist reps of this hidden government) practice mind control technology, through drugs, psycho-hypnosis, brainwashing, electroshock therapy, etc. They can turn their victims into virtual zombies that obey their masters, doing their bidding or even committing assassinations -- the Manchurian Candidate scenario! Sources say the US government has been doing this mental manipulation process for several decades now, in absolute secrecy of course.

"Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Obviously this invisible government is blind to the truth of this profound axiom. And since any kind of immoral government is innately corrupt, it will cause calamity and wreak havoc throughout the nations. It will cheat people, it will lie to people, it will oppress people, and it will endanger people's lives because of its greed and selfishness and lust for power. Although power causes corruption, clearly absolute power causes absolute corruption. And such an all-powerful governmental body can only be totally corrupt. Such a diabolical global government seeks world domination, and although it is conceivable that it could succeed, I believe that in the end, it would collapse. That old saying should have an adjoining clause: "Absolute corruption causes absolute collapse."

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Part Four: Conspiracies Against Religion

Is the secret government doing anything about controlling or manipulating different churches or religious bodies? Do sinister infiltrators hide in them, and could they cause calamity or even the collapse of such religions? And are they behind initiating religious terrorists to cause further chaos throughout the world? Are they behind the pedophile priest scandal in the Roman Catholic Church? This alone causes great turmoil and financial problems for the RCC, such as lawsuits from victims and so forth, and cover-ups and protection from the bishops for their priests, and so forth. Plus, the Church currently has a shortage of priests for their parishes. Small wonder.

The Islam religion has been vehemently denigrated due to the diabolical terrorist factions in its midst. And so Moslem terrorism is severally reprimanded by most civilized nations, and the USA is diligently fighting against it - for whatever it's worth. Is the secret globalist government behind terrorism or any acts of terror to various nations? I've heard reports that there are countless Moslem terrorist cells hidden in our nation, most likely waiting for the right moment to cause further calamity. The 9/11 incident could merely be a precursor of what's to come, if not a blatant warning to us. What role did the secret government play in this particular terrorist upheaval that devastated and shocked all Americans? Are they allowing terrorism to spread across the planet or to cause further confusion and calamity? Or are they directly guiding or manipulating the terrorist groups, such as Al-Qaeda? And is one of their goals to decrease the expanding world population, in an attempt to control it and not allow it to grow further? This idea is based on an old conspiracy theory where a solution to the world population problem is sought, usually via diabolical means.

Is the governing global conglomerate causing terrorism for their own diabolical purposes or some evil agenda? Perhaps the infusion of violence and confusion upon the masses will make them submit more easily to their control in the end. Once we've been rendered vulnerable, we can be controlled more easily. Perhaps then we'll desperately call on our government for help. That's when the elitist global government can initiate their New World Order. When mankind is most vulnerable and docile, it desperately turns to whomever seems to be able to bail people out, good, bad, or whoever.

Certain conspiracy theorists declare the Freemasons are behind it all. If so, are these Freemasons themselves involved with the other political organizations that make up this secret government? Many people believe or suspect this, but naturally the Freemasons themselves blatantly deny this. They have been victims of conspiracy accusations for a couple hundred years actually. Maybe this is just the latest onslaught.

The fact is, the Masonic Order has been ridiculed by other religions and especially the Roman Catholic Church, and, as mentioned before, it has been infiltrated by Illuminati conspirators in the late 18th Century. Is this due to yet another secret government plot? Is this world dominating governing body the Illuminati itself, or do people just give it this label?

Likewise, conspiracy theorists claim that the Freemasons are the Illuminati, but as I said before, this confusion was created because the actual Illuminati Order in Bavaria did in fact infiltrate into the Masonic Order at one point in history. So from this standpoint it is true that Illuminati members became Freemasons, and possibly vice versa.

Why did the Illuminati infiltrate the Masonic Order in the first place? Obviously they saw a great power in the Masonic tradition, and they coveted their initiations and degrees and their esoteric teachings, and wanted these to be part of their own order. Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati Order, stated that Freemasonry would be "a powerful engine in our hands." Could the same be true that the Illuminati would use various national governments as "powerful engines" to do their dirty work, as in initiating a New World Order? This might only be true if the actual Illuminati continued to secretly exist instead of collapse as some researchers have asserted. Or perhaps they continued to secretly thrive through the ranks of the Masonic Order, hence abandoning their original organization. But this is just baseless conjecture. Although there's no solid evidence, the truth could be well concealed.

The Roman Catholic Church has condemned Freemasonry for hundreds of years, claiming this organization to be anti-Christian and in league with Satan, and many Freemasons had to endure the violent persecutions of the Inquisition as a result. Other conspiracy theories claim that the Freemasons instigated the French Revolution in order to cause the downfall of both Church and State. Others state that Freemasons joined Jews in order to instigate a New World Order. And yet others assert Freemasonry is the Antichrist. These are obviously allegations with no real basis. Realize a lot of conspiracy theorists make things up to support some crazy whim of theirs.

I should show the other side of the coin here, the anti-conspirators' side. In The Secret Destiny of America, by Manly P. Hall, the author suggests that this benevolent secret society helped form and frame the independence of the United States of America, to which many of our founding fathers were members, such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and others. Many of these early initiators of the new nation were Freemasons.
If this is true, where was the malignant influence of the sinister Illuminati, whose aim was to take over governing bodies of various nations? Even George Washington was aware of its existence in Europe, but claimed he would not be affected or influenced by it. Perhaps the Illuminati had secretly arrived in the newly formed United States later, since its dealings were mainly in Europe at the time.

Of course there have been conspiracy theorists that have said that the evil Illuminati (via the Freemasons apparently) was there from the beginning, because our founding fathers incorporated Masonic symbols and slogans in United States currency, for one thing. Particularly the pyramid with the all-seeing-eye atop it, believed to be the prominent symbol of the Illuminati. And the eagle we see in currency and on the Great Seal of the US, is alleged to originally be a phoenix, a mystical bird representing rebirth out of the ashes. We also see certain mottos on coins, such as "E. Pluribus Unum," which is Latin for ,"Out of Many, One." But conspiracy theorists latch onto "Novus Ordo Seclorum," which they say means "New World Order," but this is just a poor translation. The phrase actually is, "New Order of the Ages." In Latin, New World Order would be, "Novus Ordo Mundi." Although it's true that many of the founding fathers of the United States were Freemasons, there is no solid evidence, just conjecture, that the Masonic Order plans world domination. Once again, such claims are lame. And these symbols we see are essentially Masonic, not of Illuminati origin.

The Roman Catholic Church has even fallen under great accusations as well. In the 16th and 17th centuries, supposedly the Church planned to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I of England, including other Protestant rulers.

Other conspiracy theories allege that the RCC itself is a diabolical secret society conspiring a New World Order scenario of their own. It is true that it has, from the first few centuries, tried to force all Christian churches or straggling sects to come under one umbrella of a "universal" body, or catholic church, hence claiming full authority over such separate groups, which was its main objective, practically a New World Order scenario, or World Universal Church. And yet it persecuted, tortured, and executed defiant ones in the process who would not comply. Heretics abounded everywhere who disagreed with the "catholic" doctrine, and suffered for it. It attempted to be a religious global governing body, as if all other Christian churches would blindly fall under it's all-encompassing mantel, but the Reformation shot to hell that idea. The RCC didn't succeed in a realistic universal church, but it definitely has accomplished the fragmenting of the whole of Christendom into countless denominations. If it ever did or does plan world domination, considering its past failures, I doubt it would ever succeed.

It seems there has always been corruption in various religious bodies throughout history, but whether it originated from within, or was instigated from without, is uncertain. That a secret government or secret societies conducted these kinds of diabolical acts is possible, but there's no hard evidence. Conspiracy theorist will say anything to get a rise out of people! Hmmm ... Have I myself accomplished any less than this? The truth is out there, but quite often buried in disinformation.

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Part Five: Speculating The Possible Nonexistence of a Secret Government

To Exist or NOT to exist! That's the real question here, folks.

If it's a fact that there is no secret government or globalist conglomerate pulling the strings, or that it never exist ed to begin with, than we need to find another explanation for the calamity, conspiracies, and corruption taking place that I have been discussing. Yes, the usual speculations and conspiracy theories do fly around, but many of them are dots that connect together too well. Many of them are big red flags that are pointing to something sinister occurring in the world.

So, if there never was such a secret government, could their have been some international group of financially powerful people that at least contemplated the idea, who discussed the initiating of such a possibility, those who were already of a sinister and corrupt mindset? In other words, somewhere in the past wasn't there such a group of people that may have gathered together who decided that if there is not such a group, that if there is not a secret invisible government to run things behind the scenes, then should there be one? Should this group form such a government? Should there be an interior government that literally controls the exterior governments of various nations that the public would not be aware of? Hence, if it did not already exist, such elitist globalist-minded people would create one. From this perspective, it seems inevitable. Or is this just the ravings of conspiracy nuts?

But if there isn't a secret government, then how do you explain all the confusion and corruption and calamities and conspiracies taking place across the world? It seems self-evident in many instances that too many events have been manipulated and controlled by some hidden source. For example, instigating wars, control of the food and drug industry (as in the FDA), control of money via the mega-banks, mind manipulation and brainwashing, spread of viruses to cause epidemics, certain national leaders being chosen or elected, the assassinations of key individuals, corrupt governments in different nations, especially those run by dictatorships, development and spread of terrorism, so on and so forth.

I'm not surprised that you don't find anything in the history books or in the mass media or the public about such a globalist secret government, because it's all concealed in the undercurrents, and it seems to be the stuff of conspiracy theories and rumors and wild tales and tabloid journalism. Most likely this is because such a secret government doesn't want you to know of its existence. It doesn't want clear evidence to be found regarding its existence. Any leaks only manifest as speculations and conspiracy theories, naturally.

To the American public there's only the basic US government and that's it, nothing behind that, nobody pulling the strings, nobody manipulating or controlling us from behind the scenes. There is no hidden cabal of rich powerful individuals in charge, who are endeavoring to take control of the world's affairs: politically, economically, financially, religiously, etc., and nobody plotting a New World Order.

Or does it exist? Perhaps it only exists in conspiracy theorists' minds, or in tabloids and outrageous literature, or just in the minds of the masses that dislike how the government runs things. Or is this just a ploy, a cover-up, the tactic of causing disbelief in such a crazy scenario so people will soon reject it, in order for the real hidden government to continue its diabolical work behind closed and locked doors? Which means there's nobody out there, no heroes to prevent its diabolical plans. Not enough people think this secret government is a reality. But since its tentacles are connected to too many legal departments in our nation, and that of other nations, it seems our hands are tied behind our collective backs.

As history is written, apparently it's only written by those that don't know the full truth -- or if they do, they are concealing the truth. You won't hear anything about an actual shadowy secret hidden invisible government out in the open, not in the mainstream, not in the mass media. It's just too subversive and conspiratorial and corrupt for people to accept as true. Yes, you'll read all about it in the tabloids - but they don't count, since they're packed with total fabrications and out-right lies.

What would the origin of such an invisible government be? How did it form and why? What was its purpose in forming? Did greed inspire them? Did they hunger for a national takeover or even world domination? Were they sinister and corrupt from the very beginning? Or did they start out with good intentions that eventually led down a corrupt path? Did they imagine their plans would be for the good of mankind? Did they ever have to assassinate any individuals who got in their way? And did they have to likewise get rid of disloyal members or defectors? We can only speculate.

How far back in time can we go to find such global-minded governing bodies that attempted world domination? The Roman Empire is a great example of an ancient governing body that through diligent conquest took over many countries, since it lusted to rule the world (although it had no idea just how big the world was), but in the end, it fell. Napolean and Hitler also attempted domination of Europe, and other countries, but they too failed. But times have changed; communication and travel and technology has made the world smaller and more easily accessible for a global takeover. The temptation is greater than ever now.

Lastly, if this secret government does exist, and if it definitely plans to create a New World Order, could this possibly be fulfilling End Time prophecies? And is this invisible global government involved with some kind of convoluted Armageddon conspiracy? We will soon look into this.

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