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Big Brother and the Secret Cold War

Part One: We Are Being Watched!

There is a secret Cold War going on. And Big Brother is still watching us.
This is a civil cold war, and it's within our own nation. A large gap has been created between the US government and "we the people." Uncle Sam and John Q. Public are playing a nasty game of tug-of-war and we're losing. We used to have a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people," set up by our original founding fathers, but we as a nation have strayed from our roots. That unifying concept no longer exists. This great psychological/emotional chasm has created an ominous cold war, which now exist in physical form. Many researchers declare that a secret government controls the masses, in many nations in fact. A global conspiracy is taking place, and world domination is at the threshold.

There is a major privacy violation issue taking place across the country, and because the government can't trust us, it believes it has to spy on us, and also control us. Big Brother is watching us, and manipulating us and controlling us. Considering this is an age of advanced communication and technology, spying on countless millions of people has become a reality.

For example, the NSA and other agencies of the intelligence community have the technology to listen in on our telephone conversations, whether this is cell or landline phones. They listen for key words that could imply conspiracy, treachery, criminal activities, or anything subversive to the US government. People can also be monitored through their computers.

But what is taking place in our nation is not Orwellian fiction, and Big Brother is all too real. We the people are being watched, manipulated and controlled; we are being fed blatant lies and propaganda, conspiracies and cover-ups that conceal the real agenda of a secret government. And what might that be? What is this diabolical agenda? I think you know that already too. Through absolute control of the masses, world domination will be the ultimate goal.

This invisible faction acts like it is immune to the law. What "they" are doing should be considered illegal. As long as they can lie, cheat, steal, and commit murder, they'll get away with it and keep doing it. Besides, they initiate policy and make the laws, so they are automatically above the law.

So exactly who are they?

Part Two: Searching for the Identity of Big Brother

Alright. Exactly who is Big Brother? Who is this invisible tyrant that's got us by the gonads? No, it's not our ordinary government, which is just a puppet regime. But it's a hidden secret government that acts behind the scenes, behind closed doors. It's an elite group of stinking filthy rich bureaucrats, bankers, businessmen, politicians, policymakers, etc. They may be money-hungry greedy bastards seeking more wealth and power, but the more enticing prize for them is – world domination. They desire total control of the nations of the whole globe. This is formidable power, and if they possess it, they can initiate it.

The Free Dictionary says, "Big Brother: a government or a large organization which tries to control every part of people's lives and to know everything about them. Usage notes: In the book 1984 by George Orwell, Big Brother is the very powerful ruler. Many people are concerned about Big Brother having computer files on them to which they do not have access."

Several secret organizations exist that have intentions of globalizing the world. That is, they are interconnecting the many nations' economies, finances, politics, governments, etc, all under one large umbrella, and this requires watching over all these nations, like elderly brothers and sisters in charge, or just Big Brother. These Elder Siblings aspire to form a New World Order. Such actual groups with these goals are the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Federal Reserve, Skull & Bones, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to name a few. Major banking families support these groups, such as the Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothschilds, the Warburgs, etc. Big money is always big power to instigate such big plans. These clandestine groups are all interconnected, considering many individuals are members in some or all of these groups, therefore, tying them together. With the same agendas in mind, with the power of massive wealth at their disposal, and with policymaking abilities, they are a formidable force-of-one in essence, and a One World Government is all too possible, if this is indeed their major objective, and many researchers heartily and fearfully believe this is the case.

Jim Marrs in his book Rule by Secrecy, uses a quote from one of Great Britain's greatest prime ministers: "This conspiratorial view was echoed by none other than Winston Churchill, who in 1920 wrote, 'From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt (head of the mysterious Illuminati) to those of Karl Marx, to those of (socialist Leon) Trotsky, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxemburg, and Emma Goldman, this worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization . . . has been steadily growing.'" Even he feared the worst and he was not a conspiracy theorist, but an intelligent politician and a leader of a nation.

Big Brother is spying on us in various means, such as tagging and tracking us through the Internet, wiretapping, security cameras, satellite surveillance, cell phones, even Social Security numbers and credit cards, or anything that can track, locate, or watch each and every individual citizen. Soon they will be using microchips inserted under the skin -- known as the "Mark of the Beast" in Bible prophecy circles.

If they suspect even slightly that you might be a subversive or anarchist, or a terrorist or criminal, "they" most likely have been tracking you and have files on you. How many times have you browsed online and gone to radical or conspiratorial sites that the government would rather you not visit? Take key phrases such as New World Order, secret government, presidential assassination, terrorism, suitcase bomb, suicide bomber, jihad, so on and so forth, and Big Brother will tag you and track you and compile files on you. They most certainly are monitoring your communications on the instant messenger services, or chatrooms, or even e-mails, that is, if they pinpoint those pesky keywords more than once.

But what does it take for "them" to actually come to your door and apprehend you? They may wait if you don't appear to be an immediate threat to them, but they will keep watching you. But if they suspect anything suspicious or conspiratorial or seditious about you, they might take you seriously, and that might lead to them investigating you, or even interrogating you. Or even using "enhanced interrogation techniques" -- so let's hope they don't use water-boarding on you! My question is, are they going to intently monitor a harmless journalistic researcher -- like myself? Have they already? Sometimes I think they've been watching me all along. Or am I just being paranoid?

Since we have the freedom of speech, we should have the freedom to say whatever we wish on our phones, or to browse the Internet wherever we want, to type in those conspiratorial or treasonous key words in our online searches, without them tagging us, or making files on us. But our rights and freedoms seem to be dwindling fast. Our hard-earned rights mean nothing to Big Brother in this grim day and age. I'd say it's becoming a grave cruel world.

Rule By Secrecy, by Jim Marrs
The Free Dictionary on Big Brother

Part Three: The Manipulation of our Minds

In George Orwell's shocking novel, 1984, citizens must be controlled, manipulated, brainwashed, and even tortured, until they become mindless, subservient zombies, completely obedient to the infamous inner Party and Big Brother. What a person used to believe and know is completely deleted, and he becomes a hollow, soulless creature adhering to new principles based on deceit and lies, who lives in a bleak society that resides in hatred, humiliation, despair, fear, and isolation. He becomes a prisoner of a horrible nightmare, where love, freedom, justice, and brotherhood do not exist, where reality has become replaced with a frightening illusion, where the self-serving utopian dictatorship of Big Brother knows all, sees all, and controls all.

The idea that our society may become such a hideous utopian nightmare is potentially possible, if not in all respects, at least in part. The fact is, many citizens are being watched, they are being manipulated, and they are being controlled. An Orwellian society is subtly sneaking into our midst even now.

For several decades the CIA has commenced in covert programs involving mind control experiments, where they have mentally manipulated chosen individuals to obey their bidding, giving them various covert assignments, and these individuals are trained from childhood.

It's chilling to realize that certain intelligence agencies in our own government are perpetrating what Jim Keith calls "mind manipulation." In his unusual book, Saucers of the Illuminati, he says, "Since the middle of this century (and very probably before that) the intelligence agencies of the United States, as well as other countries, have been involved in covert programs intended to modify beliefs and behavior -- to control the minds of the population of the world. The rubric "National Security" is employed by these manipulators as a catch-all shield to veil the illegal (and definitely immoral) activities of intelligence agencies involved in a welter of Orwellian mindbending programs such as ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA, and MKDELTA."

Obviously, an Orwellian program is being instigated by the notorious Big Brother, who is closely watching us, and manipulating our lives in various ways, and even brainwashing us. Jim Keith continues, "Although intelligence agency brainwashing is only very rarely spoken of in the mass media, this does not reflect on its prevalence or on the magnitude of its ambitions, which have involved thousands of programs and billions of dollars of funding into research in mind alteration and the control of often unwitting victims. Many volumes (although few published by major publishing houses) have been filled with horrendous accounts of brainwashing, electroshock, psychosurgery, drug experimentation, and the experimental injection of hostile bacteria and viruses, all performed by 'our' employees, the U.S. military and intelligence agencies."

Let's not forget that these factions and agencies are under the umbrella of Big Brother,
that technologically omniscient and omnipresent ominous Watcher, that large elitist conglomerate group which is the secret government.

In spy thriller novels and espionage movies, and even science fiction works, such as 1984, you read about such extreme diabolical schemes, but people don't want to believe this could be a reality, that all this could be unfolding right under our noses, out of sight, and in obscurity, in sheer secrecy. But various researchers have been uncovering potential evidence that such a hidden government, an actual Big Brother, does exist, with plans to control the world, by instigating a New World Order.

And it seems to me that if it can't control the world in the end, it'll end up totally screwing it up, if not completely destroying it.

1984, by George Orwell
Saucers of the Illuminati, by Jim Keith

Part Four: The Drugging Down of America

Is Big Brother using us and abusing us for its own sinister purposes? Will it risk our health and very lives just to control us?

We are being poisoned through our food and water supply, and we're given prescription and over-the-counter drugs that can worsen our health or even kill us, sometimes only gradually at first, so that we can't easily suspect anything or link it to a particular drug we are taking. We often hear about scientific studies given to the masses, sometimes saying certain foods will give us cancer, like coffee, artificial sweeteners, and so forth, and then a study will come out saying that coffee or some other food is suddenly good for us now. And sometimes they will revert back to saying that same product is bad for our health. But quite often these slanted studies will declare how drugs are found to be good for us, and more natural elements are found to be bad, or at the very least they'll say certain products, especially vitamins and herbs, haven't been evaluated by the FDA yet. And probably never will.

In his controversial book, More Natural Cures Revealed, Kevin Trudeau proclaims, "Faking and falsifying studies, creating scientific evidence out of thin air seems to be the standard operating procedure." And he continues to say, "The fact is studies are manufactured, exaggerated, misleading, falsified and, in many cases, flat-out fake. What ever a study says today, you could easily produce a study tomorrow that will give you the exact opposite results. These studies are paid for by the people who need the specific results."

Yes! These studies are slanted, and these form of malicious propaganda are usually supported by the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry, not to mention the medical profession, and the secret government backs these outfits up completely, and has perpetrated these schemes through them, in order to manipulate and confuse the masses. Sometimes these slanted studies will say natural foods, vitamins, and herbs are either non-effectual, or that they are completely bad for us, especially in excessive amounts. The fact is, this is the truth about drugs, and yet the medical profession strongly advocates the use of drugs. Like I said, drugs create further health problems or even kill people. The chances of this happening with vitamins and herbs or anything natural is far, far less. Alright, if you know you're herbs and plants, you know there are certain ones to stay away from, like hemlock -- which killed Plato. But for the most part, herbs in proper doses are healing.

Kevin Trudeau says, "…the tobacco industry, the oil industry, and the pharmaceutical industry all do the same thing. They create their own fake and fraudulent studies. They pay off government politicians to perpetrate lies. They used the news media to make us believe that these things are safe, when in fact there are not safe, and in fact are causing disease."

Elsewhere in his book he says, "We, as a society, are being made sick purposely so that large companies can make billions of dollars in profit." So why would these malicious outfits that should be promoting our health instead are making people sicker? Because they are greedy bastards! Money is their god and they sacrifice countless human beings in their evil worship, just to acquire MORE money! So they do everything they can to get what they want. They lie, cheat, and steal.

Kevin also says, "The drug companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to persuade lawmakers to ban safe and effective all-natural remedies. The pharmaceutical cartel spends hundreds of millions of dollars trying to convince the public that natural remedies are dangerous and ineffective, and their pharmaceuticals drugs are effective and safe. THE EXACT OPPOSITE IS TRUE!"

I'm sure countless people wonder why their health is not improving while they're taking these drugs, and dumping their money down the toilet in the process. What ever disease or condition they have that they're trying to cure is being replaced by another disease caused by whatever drug they are taking. Have you ever seen a cancer patient who has been taking chemotherapy? I have, because I worked in two different hospitals in my life. They get what I call chemotherapitis, a horrible disease that is probably far worse than cancer.

These dangerous drugs will harm you, if they don't kill you first. Case in point, Vioxx is one of those dangerously deadly drugs. Again, Kevin Trudeau says, "The FDA has not banned Vioxx even though it is confirmed that well over 100,000 people have died by taking Vioxx. The FDA has not banned drug after drug after drug even though hundreds of thousands of people have been confirmed dead by the use of these drugs, yet, the FDA bans the all-natural herb ma-huang?! Can you see the flagrant abuse of power? Can you see how the FDA is pandering to the whims of the pharmaceutical industry? Can you see how the FDA does everything it can to protect the profits of the drug companies?"

So these outfits not only lie, cheat, and steal, but they commit murder too!

It's unfortunate that good herbs are made to look bad, and bad drugs are made to look good. But since drugs are manufactured, and not natural substances, the toxicity seems to not be thoroughly recognized by the pharmaceutical researchers. Evidently, making a buck is more important to them than making actual healing substances. And if that means people are poisoned and killed in the process, oh well.

Let's see what Jim Keith has to say about all this: "At the same time that the military and intelligence agencies were drugging, implanting, and sawing up the brains of their experimental subjects, the nation at large was being stupefied by massive drugging promoted by the so-called medical profession and the media as the answer to their cares."

Essentially, these medical profession and pharmaceutical outfits are keeping America medicated, and it is increasing more and more. It's America gone wild on drugs! Although illegal drugs can be dangerous, why can't prescription and over-the-counter drugs be deemed illegal too when they are just as dangerous? There is no consistency or logic to any of this!

This is a world where right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right, where good becomes bad and bad becomes good. Not only that but the bad guys become the good guys and the good guys become the bad guys. It's all upside down. Once we're completely manipulated, brainwashed, and confused, we won't know the difference between what is right and what is wrong anymore.
Unfortunately, I think it's already happening.

So Big Brother is not only watching us, but it's manipulating and controlling our lives, and damaging our health -- even if it kills us!

Saucers of the Illuminati, by Jim Keith
More Natural Cures Revealed, by Kevin Trudeau

Part Five: Spies and Conspiracies are no Surprise

It's true! Big Brother is in your face!

"Big Brother is bigger than you could ever imagine. Today, it is worse than ever before. I can assure you that throughout history Big Brother has been watching us. The letters and e-mails you write, the books you read, the conversations you have, the web sites you visit, all are being reviewed and scrutinized." This coming from Kevin Trudeau, he claims to have defected from a particular secret society, whose name he can't disclose, who has been causing him great legal troubles for many years now. Many may question what he says in his books, as if they were fictional accounts. That's quite possible, I admit. But if he was just lying about all this, if he was making it all up, how could he know some of the things he knows? Much of the once-secret information is now verifiable, and certain clandestine factions have been trying to silence him for many years now because of his disclosures.

Regarding Big Brother, Kevin Trudeau further says, "You need to know that multinational corporations, the wealthiest families on earth, and governments all work together to increase their own power, influence, control, and profit. They all are using each other for their own purposes of creating ultimate global monopolies."

In this secret cold war, Big Brother indeed seems to be in control, where certain warring factions are playing an elaborate spy game, where you find mind control, experimentation, brainwashing, propaganda, and even secret agents and double-agents, and a few whistleblowers and defectors here and there.

The espionage element in this secret cold war involves the infiltrators and the disinformation specialists and other covert spies, who would try to dupe us into thinking they're the good guys, but they're actually working for Big Brother. There are usually spies who have claimed they have left certain covert operations in order to spill the beans to the public, but all they're feeding us is more propaganda that sounds good and right-on. Sometimes we don't know which are the facts and which is the fiction. It's like looking for a bunch of needles in several haystacks.

Jim Keith says, "The populace has been drugged, shocked, irradiated, made ill, manipulated, and even killed in the efforts of the military and intelligence agencies and their psychiatric dupes to devise the most effective and invisible manacles for the containment of members of our 'democracy.'"

It sounds very much like we are oppressed citizens living in a dictatorial regime. This is why freedom is an illusion in this country. We have been controlled and manipulated to think everything is just hunky-dory, when behind closed doors most heinous acts are being committed upon us. We have been brainwashed to think this is the greatest nation on Earth, but in truth, if all its hideous secrets were revealed to the masses, we would be totally shocked and devastated. Many of this government's actions should be deemed criminal and illegal, but let's not forget that it is above the law, because the secret government, Big Brother, set it up that way. The members of this insidious global conglomerate seem to be well protected. But I believe in the end their corruption will cause their collapse.

Remember that old saying, "We have found the enemy and it is us!" Right here in our own nation lurks this enemy! Big Brother, who pretends to be our big friend, is actually our big enemy. Let's not be fooled!

Alright, who's fighting against Big Brother in this secret cold war? Not a lot of folks, but they are the activists and authors, the journalists and reporters, the investigators and researchers, the whistleblowers and security leakers, the insiders, and not to mention conspiracy theorists.

Kevin Trudeau gives us an example of some of the whistleblowing activities:
"These scientists are stating the fact that the drug companies' nonprescription and description drugs are causing disease, illness, and death, and are not as effective as the drug companies are leading us to believe. These whistleblowers are telling the truth and are being repeatedly attacked, suppressed, and debunked. Even members of the FDA itself have come forward in congressional hearings stating that information is being falsified and doctored, and the truth about the drugs is not being revealed. Scientists and researchers from the drug industry itself are coming forward and blowing the whistle. Just like insiders from the tobacco industry and insiders from the auto industry are coming forward blowing the whistle, and have blown the whistle, on the falsifying of documents in those industries, insiders from Big Pharma are coming forward and blowing the whistle on all the falsification of documents in the pharmaceutical industry."

Obviously these people who were representatives of these deceitful outfits have developed a conscience and realized what they had been doing was wrong, and so decided to blow the lid off the secrecy. Although those companies are fighting back and trying to suppress or discredit these defectors.

But then some of these so-called "insiders" or "defectors" might actually be infiltrators, or propaganda proliferators, to further confuse and manipulate the masses. So you have to be careful who you listen to. There's spies and double agents in our midst! A little healthy paranoia is a good thing. Hey, don't even trust what I say! I could be full of crap! But then if I believe my own crap, at least I'm being honest about it.

The best thing you can do is do your own research. Dig, dig, dig deeper for the facts. Keep a sharp eye open. Look for signs of genuine conspiracies in newspapers, television, radio, the media in general, the Internet, and so on. Keep well-informed. Observe everything and everyone around you, and then draw your own conclusions. That's my recommendation.

You can have a little healthy paranoia -- just so long as you don't lock yourself up in a bomb shelter.

Is there really a Big Brother, and is he really watching you? What do YOU think?

Saucers of the Illuminati, by Jim Keith
More Natural Cures Revealed, by Kevin Trudeau

Part Six: Big Brother Knows All and Sees All

I'm sure there are a lot of people that think this whole Big Brother concept is just a bunch of conspiracy theory crapola. Many people think this is the sort of thing you just find in the tabloid magazines or conspiracy theory literature. And it's just something you can read in espionage thrillers. Because if it's true that Big Brother is essentially all-knowing and all-seeing, then the advanced technology must be there to allow this possibility. And it is!

"There are an estimated thirty-million surveillance cameras in the United States, generating more than four-billion hours of video every week." (from Look, a film by Adam Rifkin)

Back in 1949 when George Orwell published his shocking dystopian science-fiction novel, 1984, people didn't realize how prophetic this would become. The concept of "Big Brother is watching you," has become a definite reality in our lives today. The citizenry of America is being watched and monitored. The surveillance of the people all across the land is no longer a science-fiction idea as portrayed in 1984.

Let me share with you a portion of an article called, "Big Brother in America," by William Safire, who starts out by saying, "Too much surveillance means too little freedom." What he is saying in the article is not fiction, is not tabloid shtick, nor is it a conspiracy theory nonsense. He is reporting what is really happening in the United States. Read carefully what William Safire is saying to us:
"Surveillance is in the saddle. Responding to the latest Justice Department terror alert, Washington police opened the Joint Operation Command Center of the Synchronized Operations Command Complex (SOCC). In it, 50 officials monitor a wall of 40 video screens showing images of travelers, drivers, residents and pedestrians.

"These used to be the Great Unwatched, free people conducting their private lives; now they are under close surveillance by hundreds of hidden cameras. A zoom lens enables the watchers to focus on the face of a tourist walking toward the Washington Monument or Lincoln Memorial.
"The monitoring system is already linked to 200 cameras in public schools. The watchers plan to expand soon into an equal number in the subways and parks. A private firm profits by photographing cars running red lights; those images will also join the surveillance network.

"Private cameras in banks and the lobbies and elevators of apartment buildings and hotels will join the system, and residents of nursing homes and hospitals can look forward to an electronic eye in every room. A commercial camera atop a department store in Georgetown catches the faces of shoppers entering malls, to be plugged into omnipresent SOCC. Digital images of the captured faces can be flashed around the world in an instant on the Internet. Married to facial recognition technology and tied in to public and private agencies around the world, an electronic library of hundreds of millions of faces will be created. Terrorists and criminals - as well as unhappy spouses, runaway teens, hermits and other law-abiding people who want to drop out of society for a while - will have no way to get a fresh start.

"Is this the kind of world Americans want? The promise is greater safety; the trade-off is government control of individual lives. Personal security may or may not be enhanced by this all-seeing eye and ear, but personal freedom will surely be sharply curtailed. To be watched at all times, especially when doing nothing seriously wrong, is to be afflicted with a creepy feeling. That is what is felt by a convict in an always-lighted cell. It is the pervasive, inescapable feeling of being unfree."[1]

The idea of Big Brother watching us has become a reality in our lives today. Not just Washington, DC, potentially all large cities across the US will be – or are already --outfitted in this same way. Already there are police cameras at major intersections in many cities across the United States. So if you run a red light or make an illegal turn, you're sure to get a ticket in the mail. I know, because I have! I have worked at a large facility, Citibank, where security cameras are everywhere, even outside the building, monitoring the exits and parking lots.

If all this is taking place for our safety, our privacy is equally being violated. The idea of personal privacy will someday becoming myth. The day security cameras are planted in each home or apartment will be the total annihilation of our privacy. I have heard rumors that we can be watched through our television sets and computer screens and webcams, but there's no conclusive evidence to this yet. It's true that we're being monitored and tagged every time we go on the Internet.

"There is far too much data on the internet for human investigators to manually search through all of it. So automated Internet surveillance computers sift through the vast amount of intercepted internet traffic, and filter out and report to human investigators those bits of information which are "interesting" -- such as the use of certain words or phrases, visiting certain types of web sites, or communicating via email or chat with a certain individual or group."[2]

Wherever we go, whatever we do, we are being watched. We can't be trusted. We're being treated like the enemy. But the true enemy is Big Brother. Some people call this the secret government, or the Illuminati, or a nameless conglomerate of covert organizations that are plotting the New World Order. Whatever you want to call it, or "them," it is a fact that "they" are definitely watching us!

Look, a film by Adam Rifkin, a Schuler/Wyman Production
1984, the novel by George Orwell
[1]"Big Brother in America," by William Safire:
[2]Wikipedia on Surveillance:

Part Seven: Rule by Martial Law

If Big Brother, or rather the elite ruling class of the secret government, wanted the citizens to easily submit to its authority, creating a reason for us to depend on it would be a starting point. If there was a national crises where the government had to step in, that's all the leverage the Big Boys would need. Is this just another radical conspiracy theory – or have we stumbled into something here?

The program of a national takeover would easily begin if our country was threatened by a foreign land, or even from within, such as terrorist cells being activated, perhaps blowing up key buildings, buses, anywhere that people congregate, etc. Martial law would be the medium to intercede, although this action would normally be a temporary takeover, but it could go much longer if required by the government. By law, the president would become a virtual dictator, being in charge of not only the executive branch, but the whole government, including the military, so he would be commander-in-chief with full authority over all branches and all citizens. That is, if our national security is breeched, whether from without or within. The stipulation to enact this would be a devastating emergency, but exactly what that means would be decided by the president alone. It could be a disastrous weather crisis, a biochemical terrorist attack, a nuclear attack, isolated terrorist bombings, a foreign invasion, etc.

"If one is comforted by the thought of federal protection from terrorist threats, consider this scenario: a pimple-faced 18-year old dressed in camouflage and armed with a fully loaded M-16 arrives at your door and informs you that you must leave your home and come with him because the authorities fear a biological attack in your city. If you protest and say you'll stay and take your chances, you are in violation of the law and subject to arrest, fine and imprisonment. After seeing his armed companions, you decide to join your neighbors in a military truck destined for a 'relocation camp' situated many miles from your home. At the camp, you are instructed to stand in line for a vaccination against smallpox, anthrax or whatever the latest threat might be. If you refuse the inoculation, recalling that in past years many such vaccines were proven to be tainted, you are again subject to fine and jail. If this sounds like an Orwellian nightmare, laws authorizing just such action had already been passed in several states and the District of Columbia by the end of 2002."[1]

According to Jim Marrs, this Homeland Security legislation has been passed in such states as "Maine, New Hampshire, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, Minnesota, South Dakota, Utah, Arizona, in New Mexico." Other states have so far rejected this legislation. Jim Marrs goes on to say, "Under this legislation, authorities would be able to federalize all medical personnel, from EMTs to physicians, and enforce quarantines. They would have a right to vaccinate the public, with or without their consent, seize and destroyed private property without compensation and ration medical supplies, food, fuel, and water in a declared emergency."

Is this Big Brother protecting us – or oppressing us? Jim Marrs goes on to say, "FEMA, designated as the lead agency under the Department of Homeland security, also has plans in its files for the evacuation of cities and the use of sprawling temporary camps to house their residence. Under the pretext of planning for the War on Terrorism, FEMA has dusted off and augmented contingency plans to counter the effects of nuclear, biological and chemical attacks." On the surface I see no serious problem with this, because it's for our protection, or so we're told, but it would be a means to an end, and that would mean total martial law.

Jim Marrs goes on to say, "One of the most ominous indications of government plans for something terrible in our future was the revelation that FEMA was storing hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of cheap plastic coffins measuring approximately seven feet long and three feet deep (more than one person per coffin?)"

So are we talking about thousands or millions of deaths expected from some ambiguous emergency? Why would they plan on this, or count on it, by providing millions of coffins? Is this part of a depopulation scheme enacted by the government? We only have many questions, but no clear answers.

The big question is, would Big Brother actually use a major emergency to enact a national takeover, suspending our freedoms, and permanently? Or worse, would the Big Brother faction actually create such an emergency?

I say it's a long-shot, but potentially it's a possible scenario. The government had many chances for a total martial law takeover, like the 9/11 incident and the Katrina catastrophe – or were they not big enough? Do we need something bigger?

"So, in the event of an emergency -- which can be defined solely by the president -- foreign troops, many already trained within the U.S., will conduct relief operations, evacuations, relocations, house-to-house searches for weapons and the seizure of all resources. Sound unbelievable? It's already happened." Jim Marrs says this occurred during the Katrina rescue, and armed Mexican troops were called in to help. Why on earth did the government do this? Don't we have enough resources, enough of our own troops to assist? Some people complained that allowing foreign troops should be a breech of national security, and others declared this is totally unconstitutional of not even illegal.

And what if this occurred again, if some emergency cropped up, and these foreign troops that were brought in got out of hand in containing the people? What if people resisted and fought back, causing confusion? What if several people were killed in the process? Another major incident would occur and that would have to be controlled. But by whom? Now do our own American troops step in? Would martial law be initiated? It could turn out to be quite a big mess.

Another point is, as conspiracy theorists say, whenever a big mess seems to crop up, or something appears to go wrong, quite often it was orchestrated that way. Some claim the recent swine flue epidemic was preplanned, and possibly other viral outbreaks in the past were purposefully caused. Some theorists even say the 9/11 incident was allowed, that our government already knew about it, if not helping in its devising.

If Big Brother is trying to confuse we the people, or trying to force us to submit by whatever means possible, all we can do is be on the alert, because the real enemy may not necessarily be from a foreign land, but right here at home.

[1]Above Top Secret, by Jim Marrs

Part Eight: In Conclusion

At first, I didn't seriously consider the whole Big Brother aspect, I just laughed about it – until I began reading 1984, and read other books, and researched online. I began to see separate puzzle pieces coming together. Yes, this whole thing began when I started researching the "Secret Government" phenomenon. And I tried to reject and debunk all these crazy conspiracy theories, but with little success as I kept researching further. But was I letting myself be brainwashed? Was I being suckered into this whole crazy conspiracy crap? Was I being hoodwinked like all the other conspiracy nuts out there? Or did I actually stumble onto something real?

As much apparent evidence that is out there, or various revealing clues, there is nothing absolutely conclusive. But even if there was, what could we do about it? Could a group of us rally around and declare the government is totally corrupt and must be overthrown? Should we start a revolution? Would this do any good? Probably not. If this secret government is too enormous, and when it begins to set up its New World Order, what could we really do, where could we flee? Is there any hope?

Like I said once before, since power corrupts, and it corrupts absolutely, then it is likewise true that absolute corruption will eventually collapse. That's hope. So to me, that means Divine intervention would slip in at some point along the way.

But, on the other hand, we can only hope this whole thing is a crapload of crazy conspiracy theories and nothing more.

But, then I stumbled upon a new source, something frightening. I casually knew something about it for years, but never looked into it. Now that I have, it only adds to my paranoia and my desire to debunk this whole thing is caving in. If I'm completely brainwashed, if I should commit myself to a mental hospital, then so be it.

So, I discovered something much deeper in this whole New World Order conspiracy.

I researched what is essentially a diabolical textbook for world conquest, written around the turn of the 19th Century. I'm talking about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

This will be the next and hopefully last set of puzzle pieces in the New World Order grand puzzle. It's coming up NEXT!

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