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Author's Bio

R. R. Stark, developed a fascination with all things in outer space since his grade school years, and began wondering if aliens existed on other worlds, so when people told him he was crazy, he stubbornly refused to disbelieve in aliens and UFOs regardless. Hence, he embarked on a deliberate quest to unmask real aliens and their flying saucers, to uncover the usual UFO cover-ups, as well as delve into eerie paranormal activity, crackpot conspiracy theories, weird esoteric phenomena, and other forms of high strangeness. Such research in these areas eventually morphed into something he haphazardly filed under "Strange Reports from Zones Unknown," and because he didn't know what else to do with all this crapola, he soon posted them on one of his blogs. Likewise, he began moonlighting as a UFO and Paranormal Researcher, which he imagined would give him the needed credibility in his insane pursuits.

R. R. Stark has been writing science fiction and fantasy, gnarly poetry, weird articles for the Zones Unknown blog, and other strange subjects for about four decades. His writings can also be found at the web site for Ezine Articles, where he is listed as a Platinum member, and he also stashes some of his writing at Bamblebrush. The creation of "The Outer Edge of Reality" is just his latest attempt to attract attention like some desperate lunatic stranded on a desert island starting a huge bonfire.

He has published numerous books over the years, such as The Corsairs of Orion, Voyage Through the Gates of Time, Tales of the Eternal Night, and for horror fans, let's not forget Harrowing Tales of Horror and Strange Mysteries of Dr. Morlock.

Other than that, he sits on his porch late at night, drinking beer and watching for UFOs. He hasn't seen one yet.