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Although this old blog is no longer live, active, or kicking and screaming, you can resurrect it and peruse the insanity and dementia of R. R. Stark's deranged brain as he regurgitated totally mindless drivel while he spent time at Belleview in the rubber room wrapped tightly in a straightjacket, pen in mouth to painstakingly scrawling forth that which you can now gawk at in your leisure time.

From the Archives of Strange Reports from Zones Unknown:

In ancient times, several years ago at any rate, "Strange Reports from Zones Unknown" began its public appearance, specifically through a few different websites, the last of which was However, the current articles began appearing here in the Outer Edge of Reality on February 26, 2010. Many of the Zones Unknown articles before this time that appeared in other websites are now here in the Archives.

Fortunately, they are not out-of-date, not yet, so they remain as current as if I had just written them this morning. More or less. The times, they are a-changin', but not fast enough for Zones Unknown. Some dark secrets remain hidden, some laundry remains unwashed, some things still don't exist that many people claim do.

So, folks, these articles may become obsolete only when aliens make contact with the whole public, everyone sees ghosts walking in our midst as a common thing, the government suddenly fesses up and reveals all its dirty little secrets to us, or if a comet the size of Texas blows the Earth to smithereens.

Until any of these occur, you can enjoy these vintage relics of a not quite by-gone era.

Zombies of the Living Dead
My Alien Encounters
A Strange Report of my Fascinating Encounters with Two Peculiar Individuals
The Eerie Case of the Haunted Museum
Romancing the Philosopher's Stone
The Enigma of the Mysterious Men in Black
Government Conspiracies and Cover-ups of Corruption
Conspiracies of a Secret Government
The Secret Government And The Bible Prophecy Conspiracy
A Brief History of Conspiracy Theories
The Theoretical Conspiracy about Conspiracy Theorists
Big Brother and the Secret Cold War